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    Smart Homes, Office and Industrial Automation Systems company


    Experience life with a smart home automation system controlling all of the technology throughout your home: simpler, easier, and more luxurious.

    Commercial Automation Solutions

    Take control of your business technology with an automation system that streamlines operational efficiency for lights, audio, video, and more.
  • Lighting Design

    Lighting Design

    Go beyond "on" and "off" with a lighting system that illuminates your space's best features and enhances practil functionality.

  • Surveillance


    Stay in the loop about home security with real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world.

  • Boardroom/Conference Room

    Boardroom / Conference Room

    Make your meetings more productive with simple control of shades, lights, teleconferencing equipment, and more.

  • Medil/Dental

    Medil / Dental

    Upgrade your practice with smart technology that is simple to use and improves the atmosphere for your patients and staff.

  • Smart Home Technology

    Smart Home Technology

    Enhance your lifestyle at home with easy, yet sophistited control of climate, shades, music, video, lights, and more.

What We Do

Insight Automation International is a North Amerin wide network of dealers focused on providing superior quality residential and commercial automation systems. We make it easy for you to manage all of the smart technology throughout your home or business, from smart home security systems to lighting control to full boardroom automation. Our smart systems are designed to make your life more convenient, efficient, and comfortable through technology that blends seamlessly into the architecture of your home or business. With lotions ranging from lgary, AB to Phoenix, AZ, our commercial and smart home automation system integrators are ready to create the perfect solution for you.

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Design Centers

Design Centers

See automation in action by visiting our showroom and exploring the possibilities for your home or business.

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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lights not only require less maintenence, but n help reduce energy bills and add versatility to your home’s lighting design.

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Your Technology Architects

Your Technology Architects

Insight Automation International is raising the industry standard for quality through our use of inter-company idea and solution sharing.

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the best service. Every time.

Receive the personalized and friendly support you deserve from our skilled and experienced service team.




Expect the best service



The best service. Every time.

Receive the personalized and friendly support you deserve from our skilled and experienced service team.