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We are constantly learning from our clients. We understand that we need to find out what their ‘features and benefits’ are before we can even begin the design process.

When this Calgary inner city home was being built the client was looking for ease of use, reliability and dependable service first and foremost. They were interested in the ‘cool technology’ aspect but when the discussion turned to lighting some further investigation was needed.

Lights on – Lights off. Every house has that option. What do you want your lighting to do for you? LED lights are becoming the norm because of the energy efficiency, durability, design flexibility and zero UV emissions. With the combination of LED lighting and the internet of things the traditional incandescent lighting is rapidly being replaced.

Lighting created the heart and soul of this home. The exterior landscape lighting includes safety features such as the lighting in the handrails, motion detectors for the gate and perimeter of the building. The architectural lighting features in the domes and porch add a warm and welcoming feature.

The colour and intensity of a light source has a huge impact on our mood and well-being. The preferred light scenes can be saved in the Automation System. This lighting became an entertainment source, was relaxing and comfortable. What colour do you want today? Blue might not always be the colour of choice – change it. It’s easy.

Be creative. The client put careful thought into the features he wanted to bring to life. The stain glass in the office became an art piece with the back lighting as did the feature granite counter top in the bar area. The toe kicks all become ambient lighting with the safety features of night lights.


Our Client's Testimony Says It All


We are constantly learning from our clients. We understand that we need to find out what their ‘features and benefits’ are before we can even begin the design process.

Our Client’s Testimony Says It All!

My wife and I were building our dream home and wanted to have very high-quality audio, visual, security and extensive automation. Having met with several companies prior to meeting with Insight. I was very impressed with Insight’s focus on understanding the requirements in detail, helping us understand our options and then developing detailed plans early in the process. This foresight allowed us to strategically incorporate conduit into critical areas, including our basement floor prior to the concrete being poured. From the installation of the foundational wiring, through to equipment selection, installation and testing, Insight delivered! Despite working closely with Insight through the process, both the performance and functionality of the system has exceeded our expectations. Many of our guests (and the people that worked on our home) have been blown away by how our home works and the quality that they experience while in our home. In fact, we have been so impressed with Insight, we are working with them on a complex commercial property and a few smaller residential projects for us! - ML

The only thing they did not mention is that this home was the first home in Canada completed using Savant AV over IP.