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Design-Build Process

We want to provide every client with a top-notch experience from start to finish, which is why we have implemented a proven 5-phase process that guides our clients through each aspect of the commercial or smart home automation system project. Whether you're getting a dedicated home theater in Phoenix, AZ or a boardroom automation system in Calgary, AB, our team members are there every step of the way to ensure that the project is in line with your goals, tailored to your unique lifestyle. This process covers everything from the first conversation about automation technology all the way through ongoing support and maintenance so that you receive more than just a product — you gain all the benefits you were hoping for.



.1 Discovery Process:

Our first step with any new client is discovering their specific needs and goals for the automation project. During this initial conversation, we strive to come to an understanding of the best solution to get the desired result for the client, keeping in mind the realities of today's technology capabilities, budget limits, and future needs.



.2 System Design:

Once we have a clear idea of what the client wants, we create detailed designs that outline all the different aspects of the project for each affected area. This documentation includes graphical designs that identify every location for hardware and pre-wire drops, the chosen hardware and parts for each room, and the labor that will be needed in order to achieve the desired end result. We review all of this information with the client, using feedback to revise the plans until they meet with approval. 



.3 Engineering:

After receiving approval on the system design plans and pricing, our team of expert engineers will start to develop the documentation and plans for the installation process. Meticulous detail is put into these plans to ensure that the system is reliable, easy to use, and simple to maintain and upgrade over time. This engineering documentation is kept up-to-date throughout the project and delivered to client for reference once the project is completed.



.4 Implementation Process:

The next phase of the process is installation. We'll start by installing the initial infrastructure, setting up aspects such as the low-voltage wiring and conduits. We source all of the necessary automation and AV equipment and assemble them so that the system is fully operational for client use. After installation is finished, we update the engineering documentation to a finished state and deliver it to the client. This phase is only completed once our clients have seen, tested, and approved the final product, ensuring that they are fully satisfied with their investment in automation technology.



.5 Service & Support:

We build our systems to be durable and reliable for many years to come. We pride ourselves on superior customer support and are always available to handle any issues or questions that arise as you enjoy your new smart home automation system or commercial automation solution. No matter which location you're in — Calgary, Parksville/Victoria, or Phoenix — we're ready to assist you with technical support or system upgrades. All manufacturer warranties and a 12-month workmanship warranty come with our automation solutions, ensuring your investment in smart technology is protected.