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What Is Human-Centric Lighting & What Are Its Benefits?

30 January 2024

Discover a Better Way to Illuminate Your Calgary Home 

Have you noticed how much power lighting has over our emotions? Flashing lights make our hearts race. Warm lighting makes us feel cozy. And a brightly lit room can make us feel energized or exposed. Parties often feel more fun when the lights are dimmed, and a dark restaurant during the day can feel a little unnatural. 

These effects are obvious when we observe how light influences us. But what if the lights in our homes are always subtly influencing our mental state? 

This is the concept behind human-centric lighting, a new trend in smart technology that brings the benefits of natural light into our homes. Keep reading to learn how it works and how Lutron’s human-centric lighting can enhance daily life in your Calgary, AB, home. 

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Why Upgrade to Human-Centric Lighting? 

What makes a light “human-centric”? In our opinion, a light fixture should be able to change its color temperature and brightness throughout the day, adjusting to follow the sun’s journey across the sky. Standard light bulbs only offer stationary colors, but when you swap your lights with smart LEDs, you can automate lights to replicate sunlight automatically. 

But why? Well, our bodies operate on a circadian rhythm, an internal clock that’s regulated by the natural cycle of the sun. In the past, our daily routines were guided by the rising and setting of the sun. However, with the invention of artificial light, we now have the ability to wake up earlier and stay awake late into the night. 

Disrupting our circadian rhythm has plenty of negative consequences. The absence of natural cues from sunlight in the morning and the sunset in the evening disrupts our sleep patterns, causing some people to feel endlessly tired. Additionally, excessively bright lights and exposure to blue light after dark can lead to headaches and irritability. Moreover, during the winter months, when sunlight is scarce, a lack of bright lighting during the day can lead to low energy and sadness. Fortunately, smart lighting solutions from Lutron are revolutionizing the way we illuminate our homes.

How Human-Centric Lighting Operates

By integrating tunable LEDs into a Lutron smart system, your lighting will initiate in the morning with a vibrant, bluish-white shade. The bright morning hue will energize you and stimulate the production of serotonin in your mind, enabling you to embrace the day and feel your best. 

As the day progresses, Lutron smart bulbs will gradually transition into warmer, golden tones while dimming their brightness. This transition prepares your mind for relaxation in the evening, ultimately facilitating a restful night's sleep. Through your smart home system, you can conveniently schedule lights to automatically turn on or off or effortlessly control the entire house with a single press of a button.

Enhanced Comfort with Automated Window Shades

Lutron’s smart lighting solutions aren’t limited to LEDs alone. Motorized shades offer the convenience of automatic raising and lowering through heat sensors, scheduled settings, or a simple tap on your smartphone screen. You can set your blinds to rise with the morning sun, allowing gentle morning light to filter into your bedroom and boost your mood. At nightfall, your home's shades will automatically lower for increased privacy. 

Though it may require minimal effort on your part, motorized shades alleviate one more task from your daily responsibilities, thereby enhancing overall relaxation in your everyday life.

Living Well with Lutron Smart Lighting 

Are you curious to learn more about Lutron’s circadian lighting solutions? Contact Insight Automation International in Calgary to learn more about our whole-home smart lighting installations. We look forward to working with you!  

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