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Residential Planning and Design for a Truly Integrated Smart Home

22 May 2020

One of the most important elements of working with an architect or designer on your new residential build is to plan for your technology needs from the outset of the project. A lack of foresight in planning for technology integration in your design and build can often result in a situation where you are forced to make awkward or aesthetically disjointed decisions to allow for technology integration in existing homes. Insight Automation International is committed to helping you achieve the smart home of your dreams. We look forward to supporting you as you thoughtfully consider the five essential elements of your smart home design and build.

5 Factors to Consider When Designing a Smart Home

How much smart technology is needed in my home?

When designing and building a smart home, Insight Automation International recommends that you begin by thoughtfully considering how automated you want the home to be. Not all smart homes are created equally, and that’s okay. There are a variety of factors that will need to be considered when developing plans for your smart home, ranging from lighting, audio, security, and climate. Each of these factors can be automated to varying degrees and control systems and capabilities can differ. The most important thing is to be sure that your smart home is being designed and built with this technology in mind from the outset. Insight Automation International's network of dealers are pleased to offer clients an initial consultation service. Our extensive experience with smart home automation systems enables us to bring a unique perspective and helpful guidance to discussions about the best solutions possible for your home. We can offer consultative advice on the best brands, technologies, and features that will work together to create the most reliable and seamless system. Contact us today to book your smart home design consultation.

How to Plan your Smart Home Lighting Designs and Controls

Lighting design has the potential to dramatically impact the atmosphere and functionality of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, lighting design can be an important tool for security purposes and the creation of a mockupancy. The lighting experts at Insight Automation International collaborate directly with architects, homeowners, interior designers, home builders and other general contractors to map out the best lighting design for each space. Everything from electrical plans to fixture specifications are outlined in detail, and after installation, our lighting experts will optimize the fixtures' aim and brightness to best highlight artwork, sculptures, architectural elements, and other objects. Contact the Insight Automation International team to speak with a lighting expert today.

Audio and Video Design for Smart Homes

Whether you are dreaming of the perfect home theater, an open media room for entertaining and spending time with family, or seamless music and audio throughout your home, the team at Insight Automation International is here to help. When planning your smart home design and build it is essential that you take into consideration the impact that building features and elements will have on acoustics and lighting. Screen materials, room acoustics, seating layouts, speaker positioning, projector brand, lighting placement, and more should all be carefully considered, designed and installed to promote maximum enjoyment.

Smart Home Security

Some may argue that smart home technology makes people lazy or that it is unnecessary. At Insight Automation International we know these arguments fail to consider the very practical and impactful uses of smart home technology, including security. When designing and building a smart home we encourage you to consider the thoughtful application of security measures to keep your family and property safe. These considerations should include the implementation of remote arming, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, two-way doorway communication, 24/7/365 camera insights, light design and more. To learn more about how to prepare for smart home security in your design and build phases, contact us today.

Smart Home Climate Control Planning

Planning your smart home design with a sophisticated climate control system in mind will not only ensure that your home is a comfortable place to spend your time, but it can also save you money and limit your environmental impact. Climate controls in your smart home can include remote temperature controls and motorized shades. Motorized shades may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but they can help you control your heating and air conditioning while conserving resources, trap out hot or cold air, and even serve as a security feature by helping create the appearance that someone is home. To learn more about how Insight Automation International is your local expert on integrated climate control technologies for your new smart home, contact us today.

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