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Specialized Automation Technology Services in Calgary

Our experienced team of home and commercial automation experts strives to provide a comprehensive set of home automation and commercial automation services in Calgary that meets every possible need of our clients. 

Our skilled and certified personnel in Calgary is ready to provide you with the guidance and service you need, from the initial consultation through to ongoing maintenance and support. At Insight Automation International, we work with Calgary-based Home Builders, Interior Designers, Architects, and other trades to ensure that every aspect of your smart home automation or commercial technology project is smooth, efficient, on time, and in line with your goals.  

Our Calgary office is pleased to offer clients the following services:

service consultation


Insight Automation International's network of dealers brings the collective knowledge and expertise of A/V and automation experts throughout North America together to benefit each individual client. Our extensive experience with smart home automation systems and commercial technology enables us to bring a unique perspective and helpful guidance to discussions about the best solutions possible for your home or business. We can offer consultative advice on the best brands, technologies, and features that will work together to create the most reliable and seamless system. Our dealers stay abreast of the latest updates and innovations with automation technology so that we can give you the most informed and useful advice possible.

service design engineering

Design & Engineering

The best way to ensure that a smart home or commercial building is reliable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is to put careful thought and consideration into the system design and engineering right from the very beginning, especially for new construction. Our capable team of engineers can create detailed system designs that encompass the best locations for hardware, the wiring infrastructure placement and requirements, power management, architectural integration for aesthetics, and more. These designs are shared with all relevant contractors, builders, and architects in order to avoid costly mistakes that require rework.

services lighting design

Smart Lighting Design

Get more value out of your lights than simply "on" and "off" by designing the perfect mix of lighting brightness, fixture style, and placement for your home's interior design. The lighting experts at Insight Automation International collaborate directly with architects, homeowners, interior designers, and other general contractors to map out the best lighting design for the space. Everything from electrical plans to fixture specifications is outlined in detail, and after installation, our lighting experts will optimize the fixtures' aim and brightness to best highlight artwork, sculptures, architectural elements, and other objects. 

services lighting design

System Documentation

Having accurate and detailed system documentation is useful not only before and during construction, but also for ongoing maintenance and reference once the system is complete. Give builders, architects, interior designers, and contractors a clear idea of the exact locations and specifications of all of the technology within the building. Everything from schematics to rack elevation to locations of lighting fixtures and motorized window treatments can be included in one master plan for consistent use and planning by all parties involved in the project. With clear system documentation, you can avoid confusion and streamline processes throughout the entire project.

services project management

Project Management

To keep builders, architects, interior designers, general contractors and homeowners all on the same page during a smart home technology project, you need someone to take the lead. Insight Automation International has proven experience managing residential and commercial technology projects from beginning to end, handling the planning, organization, resource allocation, timelines, communication, and more. By establishing clear procedures for each aspect of the project and responding promptly to any hitches in progress, our dedicated project managers ensure that each project is completed on time, in budget, as promised.

services construction administration

Construction Administration

The construction phase of any smart technology project requires careful supervision and coordination to ensure that everything goes as planned. We interface with the builders, building owner, interior designers, outside consultants, and any contractors involved in the project, maintaining clear communication about expectations and system requirements during the construction process. Beyond the technical requirements for the smart home automation system in your BC space, we can also handle administrative tasks such as tracking contractor schedules and records and reviewing completion of work by contractors to verify it meets contract requirements. Our goal is to oversee every aspect of the construction process to help it go quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

services wire installation

Wire Installation

The wiring running through homes and commercial buildings is an absolutely essential component of any smart system, and it's important that the right wires go to just the right places so that your CA dedicated home theater, media room, entryways, kitchens, and even bathrooms are all set up for success. Our wiring experts go far beyond general electricians, planning and installing the wires that will provide for high-end performance of AV equipment, networking, home security systems, and more. Whether starting new construction from scratch or renovating an existing property, we can install wires to be completely hidden so that you get all of the benefits of high-quality wiring with none of the clutter in your home. 

services programming


The most complex and intricate technology in the world won't do you much good if it's not easy to use. At Insight Automation International, we pride ourselves on programming smart home automation systems that transform complex smart technology into super simple control for homeowners and business managers. Our goal is to create a smart technology system that is so intuitive, you'll know immediately how to control every aspect of your home or office. Our skilled programmers take all of the subsystems throughout the building, including A/V, lighting, climate, shading, media, and more, and connect them all together so that they operate as one unit. This sophisticated technology requires meticulous care to ensure that the system is robust and reliable both today and far into the future. 

services commissioning


Quality control plays an important role in luxury technologies such as automation systems, which is why we offer commissioning services in which we review all aspects of the final product in order to verify that everything works as designed, seamlessly and reliably. During the construction process, many variables and objectives can shift; it's our job to make sure that the uncertainties associated with large projects don't affect the system's design and performance once completed. The more complex these systems become, with lighting control zones, additional media equipment, etc., the more opportunities there are for functionality to break. Our commissioning services include extensive testing to ensure that your system is as high-quality as possible and meets any relevant certifications such LEED or ASHRAE compliances.

services maintenance support

Maintenance & Support

Just like cars or computers, your commercial or smart home automation system requires regular maintenance and service to stay in top condition. To help keep your smart technology running smoothly and reliably, we provide ongoing support, performing maintenance activities such as software and firmware updates and performance adjustments. If a part of your automation system is not performing to your satisfaction, we'll be there to troubleshoot and fix it quickly. And with ongoing innovations that add new features and enhancements to current technologies, you can make sure that your system is on the cutting edge of performance and capabilities. Whenever you need us, we'll be there.

Our Calgary Home and Commercial Automation Showroom

Explore the different possibilities for a smart home automation system in an area near you. Since we are a Savant, Crestron, and Control4 dealer, you can see the latest technology from these top brands and others by scheduling an appointment with us in our Calgary-based smart technology showroom. Whether you're a homeowner, interior designer, architect, builder, business owner, or are simply interested in learning more about smart home automation or commercial automation in Calgary, schedule a visit today to immerse yourself in this innovative and useful technology.

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