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Lighting Design Services to Include in Next Architectural Project

22 May 2020

One of the most important elements of working with an architect or designer on your new residential build is to plan for your technology needs from the outset of the project. A lack of foresight in planning for technology integration in your design and build can often result in a situation where you are forced to make awkward or aesthetically disjointed decisions to allow for technology integration in existing homes. Insight Automation International is committed to helping you achieve the smart home of your dreams. We look forward to supporting you as you thoughtfully consider the five essential elements of your smart home design and build.

Light Design Consultations

Insight Automation International offers our consultation services to designers, architects, and builders from the outset of projects, through to implementation and completion. We can offer consultative advice on the best brands, technologies, and features that will work together to create the most reliable and seamless systems. Our dealers stay abreast of the latest updates and innovations with automation technology so that we can give you the most informed and useful advice possible.

Light Design and Engineering

Insight AI has a passionate and experienced team of lighting design and engineering professionals to support your design and construction team. Our capable team of engineers can create detailed system designs that encompass the best locations for hardware, the wiring infrastructure placement and requirements, power management, architectural integration for aesthetics, and more. These designs are shared with all relevant contractors, builders, and architects in order to avoid costly mistakes that require rework.

Lighting System Documentation

By having an accurate and detailed lighting system documentation, your design and construction team will be on the same page. Accurate system documentation is useful not only before and during construction, but also for ongoing maintenance and reference once the system is complete. Our lighting design and engineering team will create documentation of the entire system that you can share with your team of builders, architects, interior designers, and contractors, providing a clear idea of the exact locations and specifications of all of the technology within the home, office building, or warehouse. Everything from schematics to rack elevation to locations of lighting fixtures and motorized window treatments can be included in one master plan for consistent use and planning by all parties involved in the project. With clear system documentation, you can avoid confusion and streamline processes throughout the entire project.

Wire Installation for Smart Home Lighting

The wiring running throughout your new smart homes is an absolutely essential component of any smart system, and it's important that the right wires go to just the right places so that your CA dedicated home theater, media room, entryways, kitchens, and even bathrooms are all set up for success. Our wiring experts go far beyond general electricians, planning and installing the wires that will provide for high-end performance of AV equipment, networking, home security systems, and more. Our experienced team of lighting designers and engineers will install wires to be completely hidden so that you get all the benefits of high-quality wiring with none of the clutter in your home.

To learn more about our residential lighting design services click here.

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