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How You Can Build a Connected Smart Home to Simplify Life

20 December 2021

Life comes with enough challenges-operating your home audio, lighting, or security system shouldn’t be one of them. At Insight Automation International (Insight AI), we are committed to making your life easier. By optimizing and integrating the technology in your home, not only will you experience the convenience of a smart home, but you will sleep soundly knowing your home and family are safe. Our approach to home automation is centered on the needs of the homeowner and we will do whatever it takes to address those needs and solve your home automation problems. If you are building a new custom home, we want to support your smart home and technology automation needs. Keep reading to learn more about how we can support your new build home automation design and implementation.

Home Automation Consultation

If you are in the initial stages of your new residential or commercial build, at Insight AI, we can help you begin the process with home automation in mind. Our network of dealers across North America offers extensive experience and knowledge of the newest and most impactful home automation technologies. Our experience with smart home automation systems and commercial technology enables us to bring a unique perspective and helpful guidance to discussions about the best solutions possible for your home or business. If you are interested in consulting one of our smart home experts, contact us today!

Smart Home Design and Engineering

If you are kicking off a new residential or commercial build, now is the time to consider system designs and engineering for your home automation and technology. By beginning your building process with the system designs and engineering considered, you will be in a position to properly install a system that encompasses the best locations for hardware, the wiring infrastructure placement and requirements, power management, architectural integration for aesthetics, and more. These designs are shared with all relevant contractors, builders, and architects in order to avoid costly mistakes that require rework. If you are in the design or engineering phase of your new build, reach out to our experienced team at Insight Automation International to ensure your new smart home is being designed in the most optimal way possible.

Lighting Design and Automation

Did you know that there are different types of lighting in your home and commercial spaces? At Insight AI we offer lighting design that considers task lighting, aspect lighting, and general lighting. By considering each of these specific lighting approaches, we at Insight AI can ensure that your new build has the best lighting possible for everything from doing a crossword before bed to setting the mood for a party. Our lighting experts at Insight Automation International collaborate directly with architects, homeowners, interior designers, and other general contractors to map out the best lighting design for the space. Everything from electrical plans to fixture specifications is outlined in detail, and after installation, our lighting experts will optimize the fixtures' aim and brightness to best highlight artwork, sculptures, architectural elements, and other objects. If you are completing a new residential property or commercial space, Insight AI can help you ensure your lighting is thoughtful and impactful. Contact a member of our team to learn more today.

To learn more about the numerous other services that Insight Automation International offers, including system documentation, project management, construction administration, wire installation, and programming, contact us today.


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