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Control4 Adds More Functions, Customization to Automation Systems

05 October 2018

If you’re interested in home automation or have already automated some of the systems in your home, chances are you know about Control4. As one of the leaders in the area of home automation systems, Control4 is continually pushing forward to give homeowners more options. As part of that push, Control4 recently announced the release of its newest operating system for its devices, version 2.10.4. Let’s take a look at what’s new with this latest operating system and the impact it will have on homeowners in and around Calgary, AB.





If you’re an audiophile with a Control4 system, this latest operating system update is literally music to your ears. Version 2.10.4 adds native support for Amazon Music and Deezer Hi-Fi streaming services.

These new options are in addition to the services that already enjoy native support on Control4 systems, namely iHeartRadio, Napster, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, TIDAL, and TuneIn. If all of those choices aren’t enough, the new operating system features an “Add Music” function that allows you to add one or more music services using your mobile device or Control4 device. These new capabilities make Control4 an ideal system to integrate with whole home audio.

“Control4 continues to deliver incredible sounding music for every room in the house,” said Martin Plaehn, Control4’s Chairman and CEO in a recent press release. “… we’re providing fantastic music listening experiences to our customers, and we’re equipping our dealers with high-resolution music capabilities for every living space in the home, from the source to the listener’s ear.”



The other new features with Control4’s operating system update are in the realm of personalization. These upgrades are designed to help homeowners tune their automation systems with fine detail, giving you more control and making it easier to change your system as your needs change.

This “When >> Then” technology is made to work without the involvement of a Control4 dealer (though we still recommend you go with a professional installation). These new fine-tuning options include the ability to create and edit voice control scenes for the Amazon Echo, the addition of custom buttons and programs for Control4’s Intercom Anywhere service, and more control over lighting schedules.

Dealers aren’t left totally out in the cold with this new operating system, though. This update gives dealers the ability to unlock new programs for homeowners that have been added through Control4’s Composer Pro software. Homeowners can then modify or add to pre-existing programs using the When >> Then interface.

“Homeowners depend on the expertise of our dealers to design and install reliable, experientially-rich smart homes, but homeowners also want the flexibility to personalize and change scenes and automated events on their own,” Plaehn added in the press release. “We’re empowering homeowners to fine-tune their Control4 experience in ways that matter most to them—how they listen to their favorite music, design lighting scenes, initiate voice control, and secure their homes.”



Taken together, these changes in Control4’s operating system constitute a significant upgrade for homeowners who have these systems installed. If you want to know more about these updates or are interested in seeing what a Control4 system can do for you, call our office in Calgary at 403-243-8823 or visit us online.


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