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3 Automated Systems to Boost Your Business' Security

12 December 2018

The commercial security landscape of 2022 is much more complicated than in decades past. In addition to needing to keep yourself safe from intruders trying to break into your building, you also need to make sure your company’s digital assets are secure.

This is where commercial automation solutions from Insight Automation International can help. Our digital security experts have the experience and expertise to craft a system that will protect your business from a wide range of possible threats. In this blog, we will highlight what you need to look for in a business security system and list a few systems that would be a great fit for your Calgary, AB office.



As they are the most obvious points of entry, business security starts at your doors. If you’re still using old-fashioned locks and keys, it’s time to embrace digital technology.

One popular keyless security system is keycards. Because keycards are personalized to individual workers, they allow you to keep better tabs on who’s going in and out of your workplace as well as different rooms within your building. If someone’s card is stolen, you know exactly which card it is and can act accordingly to prevent any security lapses.

Another option to consider is biometric security. Biometric systems use a characteristic unique to an employee, like their thumbprint, to let them into your office. Because you can’t lose a thumbprint or fingerprint, these systems are difficult for potential intruders to beat.
And just like with keycards, biometric security also gives you a clearer picture of who’s going where throughout your workspace.


Surveillance cameras have been a standard security tool for years now, and recent technological innovations make them an even more attractive option for your business. Many cameras are now programmed to provide you a constant video feed of what they see. They can also send you an alert if someone breaks into your workspace, allowing you a chance to take whatever steps you deem necessary.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have also made surveillance cameras much more powerful as security measures. Newer cameras come with pattern-recognition technology that allows them to make decisions independently and alert you. As one example, the camera may recognize that someone has been hanging around your door for a while but not actually entering, which could be a sign that they intend to break into your building.


Even if you want to stick with analog locks for your business, there are still ways you can make your entrances more secure. One simple method is to switch out your older locks for smart locks.

Smart locks work by giving you centralized, remote control over the locks on your doors. This way you can lock or unlock all the doors at once, set automated scheduled to block or unblock certain areas at certain times, and give you more information on what doors are currently locked or not. All of these tools are ways to help make sure you, your employees and your assets are well protected.


These are just a few of the powerful automation tools available to improve business security for Calgary offices. To learn more about what Insight Automation International can do to help your business stay secure, call us at 403-243-8823 or visit us online.




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