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Ensure the Safety of Your Valuable Digital Assets With Commercial Security Features

Don’t Leave Your Network Vulnerable to Attack

Ensure the Safety of Your Valuable Digital Assets With Commercial Security Features

With computer hacks and security breaches that seem to continue to get worse every day, commercial security is top of mind for many business owners. Just beuse you work online doesn’t mean you have to leave yourself vulnerable to malicious attacks. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, to help you identify and prevent some of the most potentially dangerous threats to your system. Want to learn more about how they n affect your lgary business? Read on.


Common security threats

Hackers: If you rely on television and movie depictions, they’re wizards behind a keyboard, able to work all kinds of sorcery with a few buttons. But the truth is hackers n’t actually do all that – at least not in the way it’s shown. Instead, they rely on what are known as “robots,” programs that crawl the internet to infiltrate sites. Once the robot is within the system, hackers have easy access to your most sensitive information.

Malware and Viruses:Viruses are a different type of threat than hackers. They are often created and set loose on the internet with no further intention than ruining someone’s day. They’re defined as self-repliting programs that n infiltrate and dominate your entire network.

Malware is a type of software often contained within viruses. Once it gets into your system, it n use a huge headache for you if you’re not reful. Adware n bombard your system with so many advertisements that it ends up crashing, while spyware n allow prying eyes to see into your network.

Protecting your network

Just beuse there are plenty of threats to watch out for doesn’t mean you have to remain unprotected. Below, we list a number of smart additions you n make to your cyber security system to prevent malicious attacks from destroying your business.

Firewall: Think of it like the moat around the stle that is your commercial network – it keeps out most of the harmful malware and robots that you don’t want creeping into your system.

Antivirus Software: Just like the name implies, antivirus software helps combat against viruses that have made it through your firewall. It helps identify and quarantine anything that might potentially use your system harm.

Virtual Private Network: Avoid sharing your data with anyone other than authorized users by implementing a virtual private network. This password-protected platform allows you to communite with coworkers and employees without spreading sensitive info all throughout the web.

These are just a few of the commercial security solutions you n start using to protect your business’s network. Want to learn more or have questions about a smart home control system? Contact Insight Automation today!

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