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3 Reasons to Add Control4 Lighting Keypads to Your Home

Replace Traditional Switches with Stunning Personalized Interfaces

3 Reasons to Add Control4 Lighting Keypads to Your Home

When you expand beyond traditional on/off light switches to a home lighting control system, you reveal a world of new possibilities for using light. Not only can you quickly manage lights in one or all rooms from anywhere, but you can create personalized lighting scenes that set the mood for any occasion.

Control4 offers many ways to control the lights in your home. You may like using an app, dedicated touchscreen, or even voice commands. But if you like the convenience of wall controls, then you’ll love on-wall keypads by Control4. Keypads grant you quick access to lights while beautifying your home.

Read on to discover three reasons to add Control4 lighting keypads to your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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They Add Beauty to Your Interiors

Wall switches are one of the easiest ways to manage lights as you enter or exit a room. However, traditional switches can quickly clutter your walls. Plus, multi-gang switches can become confusing to use when you have more than two switches on one plate.

Control4 wall keypads replace traditional light switches with beautiful interfaces that combine flexible custom-engraved button configurations with sleek colors and finishes to complement your home décor. Select from various colors and finishes for faceplates and buttons, like white, brown, black, aluminum, gloss, and satin. LED button backlights provide visual feedback for which lights or scenes are activated.

They Can Be Wired or Wireless

If you’re building a new home, a panelized lighting system paired with wired keypads allows you to pick the optimal locations for keypads around the home so you can eliminate clutter on your walls. Wired keypads are best installed at the start of a build since wires are run through walls to a centralized location.

While wired keypads allow you to reduce the number of keypads needed throughout the home, you can still enjoy the convenience and beauty of Control4 wireless keypads, dimmers, and switches if you’re replacing traditional light switches in your already-built home. Like wired keypads, wireless keypads offer convenient one-touch control of multiple lighting loads in the home while elevating your interiors.

They Can Control More Than Lighting

Lighting isn’t the only thing you can control through Control4 keypads. Configurable buttons allow you to access other devices along with lights, like motorized shades, music, smart home scenes, and more!

Consider a wall keypad in the living room. You may have one button for lamps and another for downlights, but you can also have buttons like “shades up” and “shades down” on the same keypad to control the window treatments in the living room. You may also have a “Movie” button that turns off the downlights, dims the lamps to 20%, closes the shades, and powers on your home theater system.

Control4 keypads go far beyond lighting control to offer quick access to your entire smart home. The configurations are up to you!

Transform the way you control lights and more with Control4. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few rooms with smart lighting control or want to incorporate it into a new build, our team at Insight Automation International can assist. Book a free consultation by contacting us here! We’d love to hear from you.