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Designing a Smart Home for Your Future

22 May 2020
The concept of a smart home might seem like something from the Jetsons - futuristic, and even frightening. The reality is entirely the opposite. Smart home technology is not a far-off concept. In f...

Insights Automation International Smart Home Solutions

22 May 2020
A smart home automation system gives homeowners a way to customize homes to fit their lifestyles perfectly, with easy-to-use technology that can be enjoyed in one room, a few areas, or the entire p...

Smart Technology For Commercial Spaces

22 May 2020
At Insight Automation International our mission is simple; we create technology solutions that make life easier and better for our clients. We are committed to creating functional and stylish space...

The Impact of Hotel Lighting

22 May 2020
When guests stay at a hotel, they want the comforts and efficiencies of home. Save money and energy while meeting your guests’ needs by making smart use of both an automation lighting control syste...

Window Coverings: The Impact of Natural Sunlight

22 May 2020
Every day, we can count on the sun to rise in the east in the morning and set in the west at night. While there are countless benefits to sunlight, including vitamin D production and an increased r...

Environmental Controls: Create Efficiencies and Ensure Comfort

22 May 2020
Insight Automation International has locations across North America including Calgary, Alberta, Kelowna and Victoria, British Columbia, and Phoenix, Arizona, and we are committed to helping you boo...

The Importance of Security for Your Commercial Space

22 May 2020
At Insight AI we are business owners so we know how important your business is to you. Integrated smart technology can be effectively leveraged to provide your commercial space with security that w...

How to Make Your Commercial Space Feel Like Home

22 May 2020
As the world becomes more and more digitized, it's no surprise that smart technology is making its way into commercial spaces. Smart technology can provide a variety of benefits for businesses, fro...

Design Your Dream Home with Window Treatments that Optimize your Views

22 May 2020
The design of your smart home window treatments is about more than shading occupants from the sun and providing privacy. The design of window treatments impacts every element of the smart home from...

Smart Home Movie Theaters Perfect for a Night In

22 May 2020
We all love a night at the movies. The only way it gets better than heading to the theater is if you can enjoy that movie in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home theater. Insight Automat...

Smart Home Security that Doesn’t Sacrifice Architectural Beauty

22 May 2020
A common misconception when it comes to the design of smart homes is that beauty must be sacrificed in order to create functionality. At Insight Automation International we do not subscribe to thi...

Media Room Designs for Your Residential Project or Smart Home

22 May 2020
The media room of a new smart home is often one of the most often-used rooms in the home. Used for watching television, spending time with loved ones, listening to music, and entertaining, this roo...

How to Design a Smart Home Architectural Project with Functional Wiring in Your Design

22 May 2020
The design of a smart home strives to simplify the lives of homeowners through functionality and remote technology solutions. The opportunities are limitless, but so too are the potential for a wir...

Lighting Design Services to Include in Next Architectural Project

22 May 2020
One of the most important elements of working with an architect or designer on your new residential build is to plan for your technology needs from the outset of the project. A lack of foresight...

Residential Planning and Design for a Truly Integrated Smart Home

22 May 2020
One of the most important elements of working with an architect or designer on your new residential build is to plan for your technology needs from the outset of the project. A lack of foresight...


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