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Smart Technology Services for Home Audio and Video

26 March 2019

Technology Integration Professionals you can Trust

Integrated smart technology has the ability to simplify and enhance your daily life, making your life easier. That being said, the installation and design of meaningful technology integration in your residential or commercial space can be challenging and requires a trained professional to ensure the job is done right. Insight AI has years of experience designing, procuring, and installing world-class technology systems. Keep reading to learn more about the most important considerations when installing your next technology system.

Selecting and Ordering your Technology Equipment

Selecting the right equipment for your home theater can be challenging, where do you even begin? it’s important to know what you want early on in order to not waste time or money. Selecting the right equipment for your home will ensure that your technology integrates seamlessly and that you are able to effectively maintain the equipment moving forward.

At Insight Automation International our extensive experience with smart home automation systems and commercial technology enables us to bring a unique perspective and helpful guidance to discussions about the best solutions possible for your home or business. We can offer consultative advice on the best brands, technologies, and features that will work together to create the most reliable and seamless system. Our dealers stay abreast of the latest updates and innovations with automation technology so that we can give you the most informed and useful advice possible.

Technology Integration Design and Engineering

The best way to ensure that a smart home or commercial building is reliable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing is to put careful thought and consideration into the system design and engineering right from the very beginning, especially for new construction. Our capable team of engineers can create detailed system designs that encompass the best locations for hardware, the wiring infrastructure placement and requirements, power management, architectural integration for aesthetics, and more. These designs are shared with all relevant contractors, builders, and architects in order to avoid costly mistakes that require rework.

Running wiring for a surround sound system, mounting a TV or projector and calibrating your speakers and TV requires a range of skills beyond that of most technicians. Even something as simple as placing your speakers and seating requires special microphones and other equipment to find the ideal spot. An audio-video consultant has the skills and knowledge you need to get the result you want.

Ready to experience the power and simplicity of an integrated A/V installation? Call our Calgary office at 403-243-8823, or fill out our online contact form.


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