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Watching Movies Is Better with a Home Theater

19 April 2019

Many of us enjoy the experience of heading to the theater to enjoy the latest blockbuster, but the truth is going to the movies can deliver a subpar experience. Between the inconvenience of traveling to the theater, potential parking issues and obnoxious crowds, you might well find yourself thinking “I should’ve just stayed home.”

We wouldn’t blame you at all for thinking that, and now you can replicate the theatrical experience with home theater automation. Here are three reasons Victoria residents should ditch the multiplex and opt for a home theater instead.



Your local movie theater shows movies only at specific times, and those times may not line up with your schedule. Furthermore, your nearest theater may be a significant distance away, and when you get there, you have to find parking and pay for overpriced concessions. And if you arrive too close to showtime, you’ll be spending the next few hours with your head tilted uncomfortably backward as you awkwardly watch from the front row.

With a home theater automation, you don’t get these problems. You can watch movies on your schedule while knowing you’ll have the best seat in the house.


In the age of smartphones, many audiences are clueless about how their phones can ruin a movie for others. Even if the audience keeps their phones off, there’s always the chance that you end up sitting beside someone who won’t stop talking or laughing too loudly.

A home theater installation offers an ideal viewing experience while giving you control over every aspect of what you’re watching and how. This includes your display, your speakers and (with proper integration) your lights and shades, all from one control interface. The only people in the audience are your family and friends, and you can pause the movie if they have to take a phone call.


Most theater chains these days use 4K projectors and Dolby Atmos surround sound systems to handle their video and audio. These technologies were either unavailable or overly expensive for most consumers until relatively recently, but now you can use them in your home theater.

The projector vs. TV debate is a subject for another time, but regardless, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to install a 4K display. As far as sound goes, Dolby Atmos systems are now available for residential use to deliver theater-quality sound. When you can get the same image and sound quality without the hassle of going to the theater, why bother leaving the house?

If you’re ready to enjoy a better way to watch movies, now is the time to begin building the home theater of your dreams. To find out more about our home theater installations, call us at (250) 248-5382. You can also click on the chat box in the corner of your browser or fill out our online contact sheet.


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