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The Builders Guide to a Fully Integrated Smart Home

20 December 2021
Insight Automation International (Insight AI) is a technology company creating custom electronic automation and control systems that simplify life at home. Our mission is to create intuitive, user-friendly systems, that allow our clients to enjoy life without the frustrations and complications of endless wires and electronic confusion. As a home builder or contractor, you know that creating a home is as much about the natural and designed lighting, sound and acoustics, and a sense of comfort and safety, as it is about the structural elements of the building. The experienced and friendly team at Insight AI will support you by ensuring your customers make the most out of their smart home automation investments, providing world-class lighting, audio, window treatments and security capabilities. We love supporting builders and contractors through the entire process from education, to problem-solving, and inspiration. To help support builders as they navigate the design process of their new smart home, we have created a 5-step design-build process:
  • Discovery Process: This step is all about understanding our client’s lifestyle and goals. Before we begin work on your smart home, we want to ensure we are providing you with the best available solution within the confines of your budget, style, and potential future needs.
  • System Design: We will create a project outline or design based on our discussion with you. The system design will include graphical designs that identify every location for hardware and pre-wire drops, the chosen hardware and parts for each room, and the labor that will be needed in order to achieve the desired end result.
  • Engineering: Once the client has signed off on the system design our experienced team at Insight Automation International will begin to engineer the project. Meticulous detail is put into these plans to ensure that the system is reliable, easy to use, and simple to maintain and upgrade over time.
  • Implementation Process: The initial phase will be installing the infrastructure, including low-voltage wiring and conduits. Insight AI will source all the necessary equipment and when complete we will update the engineering documents.
  • Service and Support: No matter which location you're in, we're ready to assist you with technical support or system upgrades. All manufacturer warranties and a 12-month workmanship warranty come with our automation solutions, ensuring your investment in smart technology is protected.
Keep reading to learn more about what is possible when you work with Insight Automation International to automate your space, creating a fully integrated smart home.

How You Can Build a Connected Smart Home to Simplify Life

Building a smart home is an opportunity to simplify life, to focus on what matters most to you, and to rest easy with peace of mind, knowing your family is safe. As a custom home builder or contractor your goal is always to create a space that provides your customer with comfort, security, convenience, and of course structural integrity. At Insight Automation International, we believe that building a space that meets these needs, must also include technology integration and smart home capabilities. Building a connected smart home that simplifies life for the homeowner means considering LED lighting design, light controls, networking capabilities, audio infrastructure and controls, smart security, and of course centralized distribution or controls. If you are kicking off your next residential build, make it a smart home! Insight AI has locations in California, Arizona, British Columbia, and Calgary, and we provide services across North America contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next smart home build.

Building a Home with Light Design in Mind

Building a residential property with light design in mind will ensure that your new space offers homeowners the ability to enhance their security, set a mood, and save energy. At Insight AI we work with Lutron and Control4 to ensure the lighting in your new smart home is integrated and simplified. Through the implementation of our smart home lighting technologies, homeowners will have the capability to operate every light in their home with the press of a single button. The ability to a set a mood throughout the entire home with one simple step or to control your lighting from across the world, our home lighting design solutions simplify life and provide homeowners with peace of mind. Lighting is often overlooked or thought of simply as electrical elements of a residential home build, but the reality is, that lighting design can take any space and make it more comfortable, functional, and secure. Insight Automation International is excited to offer our clients cutting edge Ketra lighting. This technology produces high-quality light that is perfectly calibrated, producing uniform colour, smooth beams and excellent colour rendering. With the use of Ketra lighting, builders can create a space that is personalized and comfortable. Ketra will even allow homeowners to experience natural lighting indoors, with the light shifting throughout the day, to mimic the sun. The team at Insight AI have decades of experience in implementing thoughtful and impactful lighting design, contact us today to learn more.

Media Rooms Built Like a Real Theater

Media rooms and home theaters allow homeowners to enjoy the traditional movie night experience in the comfort of their homes. Staying in with loved ones shouldn’t mean having to settle for lower quality audio visual, lighting, or acoustics. When it comes to building a media room or home theater, Insight AI knows how to ensure optimal comfort, a world-class viewing experience, and how to make managing your media room or theater technology functional. Creating a functional and world-class space requires much more than hanging a TV on the wall or buying a set of speakers. At Insight Automation International we take a holistic approach that includes lighting controls, motorized window treatments, acoustics, and high-performance audio. By considering each of these elements during the construction of your next residential build, you can be confident that homeowners will be able to enjoy a movie night in, for years to come.

Building a Smart Home that Ensures You to Feel Safe

Home security is an essential tool for creating a comfortable and safe residential property that provides homeowners peace of mind, knowing their loved ones and possessions are secure. Insight AI works with builders to install the latest and most sophisticated security technologies ensuring the safety of homeowners. Technologies such as remote arming, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, two-way door communications, and 24/7/365 camera insights, will allow homeowners to sleep sound wherever they are. Being a home builder is about creating a safe place to call home, give your homeowners peace of mind and comfort with integrated, state-of-art home security.

Custom Audio Systems Built for the Environment of Your Home

Whether you prefer to rock out to Nirvana or fall asleep to the soundtrack of ocean waves, Insight AI’s multi-room music solution will provide you with world-class sound and functionality. Building a residence that has the functionality of a room-to-room sound system means never having to settle for the poor sound quality of a portable speaker ever again. When moving from room to room, your sound will follow you. Or if the kids are hanging out in one room and you’re in another, you can both enjoy the music you love. The simplicity of being able to adjust the volume of the music, or change a song from anywhere in the home, with the push of a single button, will simplify a homeowner’s life. Not to mention, homeowners can set pre-programmed scenes such as "Goodnight," "Away," and "Entertain," and have all of their home's settings adjust at once, saving you time and effort.

Building a Home with Indoor-Outdoor Lighting at the Forefront

Builders and contractors spend endless resources creating spaces that ensure stunning views, sun exposure, and seamless indoor-outdoor experiences. The opportunities to elevate this experience through effective light design are infinite. Whether you are looking to set the mood outside around your hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi, or increasing security through motion detecting lights around your property, effective light design is essential. Light design is more than just lighting though, it can also include window treatments and motorized shades. Shades can help you control your heating and air while conserving resources; trap out hot or cold air; and even serve as a security feature by helping create the appearance that someone’s home. When you are building a new home, it is essential to consider how natural lighting and indoor light will integrate and to examine every opportunity to create energy efficiencies.

Start your Smart Home Today!

Get in touch with us to start a discussion about the possibilities for a custom-designed smart home automation system. We have an online questionnaire for you to fill out, and based on your answers to this questionnaire, we'll be able to build out an understanding of the scope and goals for your project, guiding us toward a more informed, consultative conversation with you about the specific details and possibilities for automation in your home.

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