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Simplify Meeting Time With Commercial Automation

20 February 2018

Meetings are a hassle.

It’s one of the universal truths of working in an office.

Not only do they impede production, but they can also feel like wasted time.

That is, if you’re not prepared.

So instead of wasting your staff’s valuable time setting up projectors, adjusting the lights and pulling up slideshows to share information, why not invest in an easy-to-use commercial automation system?

In this blog, we’ll show you some of the basics of making your meetings run more smoothly with integrated technology.

Ready? Just keep reading.


Integrated Video Solutions

The two primary types of conference room video displays are projectors and flat-panel TV monitors.

Depending on your preferences, you can employ either.

Today, many business owners opt for flat-panel displays, due to their user-friendly controls, 4K and HDR capabilities and native apps like Skype and YouTube.

They’re versatile pieces of equipment that can easily display information with enough detail that no one in the room will miss anything.

If you choose to go with a projector, you can also enjoy the benefit of hidden technology with commercial automation.

When you’re ready to start your presentation, one button will make your projector rise out of the conference room table and lower the screen from the ceiling.

As soon as you’re done with them, the devices return to their hiding places and you can use the additional space.

Smart Lighting and Shading

If you want to concentrate attention on your video displays, it’s imperative you look into commercial lighting control systems.

With one touch on your control devices, you can dim the lights and lower the motorized window shades throughout the space.

And both offer additional benefits as well.

For instance, smart shades can help add privacy to your space when installed on internal windows. That can help you keep your meetings confidential when necessary.

Additionally, they can help you manage cooling costs more effectively.

Because most cooling costs are lost at the windows, a system that can help stop the loss of cool air will help your room stay cooler even in the warmer spring and summer months.

Intuitive Collaborative Software 

You've now found ways to conserve energy and enhance visuals. Now how can you boost communication as well?

With the right meeting environment in place, it's time to look for technology that can facilitate your daily interactions.

We like to work with Zoom Meetings, which makes it easy for remote participants to join the call and participate.

When you integrate this software into your boardroom automation, you can take advantage of HD video and high-quality audio, screen sharing, interactive whiteboards and more.

With Zoom, you can create as seamless an environment for remote participants as you did for those sitting in your meeting room.

Are you interested in simplifying your meetings? Want to make them more dynamic, engaging and impactful?

Commercial automation can help.

If you have questions, we have answers! Contact us today!

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