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Protect Your Home This Winter With Home Lighting Controls

14 December 2020

Winter is here and with the colder weather, most of us are spending much of our time indoors. Winter also means less daylight, meaning most of us are making our commutes home and weekend chore-runs in the dark. This might cause you to worry that you are leaving your home vulnerable while you are away. But with smart home lighting controls, you can relax knowing that your home is secure with a quick check on your home automation app.


Smart home monitoring & security in a flash for your last-minute errands

You know the scenario well. You are running late for dinner and you grab your keys and coat to head out the door. You turn off the lights and lock up, then pull out of the driveway, taking a quick glance to make sure the garage door closes behind you. As you drive away, you get an uneasy feeling watching your home slowly disappear in the shadows, but there is no time to turn around to turn more lights on.

But with smart home lighting controls equipped by Control4, you can turn on indoor and outdoor security lighting from your smartphone while you are on the go. A Control4 smart home allows you to make it to dinner on time, knowing that your home is safely lit. For added peace of mind, create schedules that automatically turn on outdoor lights as the sun sets so your home is never left in the dark.

Home lighting control systems when you are away on vacation

With the cold weather comes winter vacations and maybe you can't wait to hit the slopes with your family for your annual ski trip. You're all packed, and you've done your last-minute spot checks; all that's left now is to set the security system and head to the airport.

Everyone is all laughter and smiles as you hand your boarding passes over, but then you remember, did we leave the security lights on by the pool? What if that late Amazon package arrives while we are gone?

With home lighting controls integrated into your Control4 smart home automation system, you can turn lights on remotely before the flight attendant does the seat belt check. Just trigger the “Away” button on your interface, and your home security lighting comes on automatically to deter unwanted guests and help the delivery man find your front door. Take it a step further and have indoor lights turn on and off throughout the day to simulate activity and deter thieves.

Extra security at home with home lighting automation

After a long day at work and helping your kids with their homework, sometimes bedtime can't come soon enough. Finally, your head hits the pillow, and you are off to dreamland when you hear a noise outside. But there's no reason to panic or even get out of bed if you have lighting controls integrated into your home automation system. Have lights automatically start flashing when movement is detected to deter intruders and turn on landscape lights to get better security footage.

Lighting controls can add an extra layer of security and comfort to your home automation system. Insight AI is a Control4 authorized dealer-click here or give us a call at 1-888-447- 1998.


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