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Motorized Shades: The Smarter Way to Lower Energy Costs

25 April 2018

Springtime is here in Arizona, and that means the hot temperatures of summer are on the way. It’s also the time of year during which you spend more to keep your home cool.

But if you want a little natural light in your life, smart motorized window shade ssolutions can help you enjoy an outside view and decrease energy costs within your Paradise Valley property.

In this blog, we’ll show you why smart shading is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to let a little light in without the risk of damaging their property or raising energy costs.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.


Adding Sunshades

One of the smartest ways to enjoy sunlight without the hassles it can bring to your home’s interior is by installing motorized sunshades.

Sunshades are made from translucent fabrics that allow light to shine through but obscure the objects on either side.

That helps keep your spaces secure and private while brightening up your rooms.

Moreover, sunshades minimize the amount of UV light that gets into your home. That can help you avoid things like sun damage and solar heat gain.

Heat gain is the biggest issue, because every time your room gets warmer, you’ll have to adjust the thermostat to stay comfortable. If your air conditioning system is working harder, that means you’re spending more money on energy costs.

By reducing the amount of sunlight allowed in the room, you can spend less energy keeping your home cool while enjoying a brightly lit, comfortable space.

Integrating Lighting

Of course, if you’re relying on natural light to illuminate your spaces, you won’t need to use your artificial lights quite as frequently.

That’s just another way smart shades help you save.

By lowering your reliance on artificial light and minimizing solar heat gain, you don’t have to worry about as much wasted energy.

Plus, when you integrate smart sensors with your system, it can work automatically to maintain constant conditions.

For instance, as the sun moves across the sky, your system can adjust to handle more or less light throughout the day.

And when the room starts to get too warm, sensors can automatically kick in to alert your thermostat.

That’s how your system keeps you comfortable without lowering energy costs.

Want to learn more about how smart motorized shading solutions can help keep your spaces cool and comfortable?

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