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Media Room Designs for Your Residential Project or Smart Home

22 May 2020

The media room of a new smart home is often one of the most often-used rooms in the home. Used for watching television, spending time with loved ones, listening to music, and entertaining, this room must be dynamic. This space is often designed with an open floor plan adjacent to the kitchen and is centrally located in the home. When designing for a media room all of these elements must be considered to ensure a space that is both highly functional, but also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

At Insight AI we believe that using smart automation technology will enable designers to transform a room to be perfectly fitted for your current activity. At the touch of a button, have the motorized shades and projection screen lower, the lights dim, and the projector turn on with your selection of favorite movies — turning your media room into a dedicated home theater. Audio-video (AV) equipment such as speakers and TV displays can be hidden within walls, behind artwork, or custom-built furniture so that it's easily accessible when you want it, but out of sight for general entertaining. Keep reading to learn more about the smart home solutions you should consider when designing your next smart home media room.

How to set up a media room?

Smart home controls: A truly integrated technology solution for your new media room will simplify your life and provide you a sense of relaxation. A centrally controlled media room will include motorized window treatments or shades, audio visual integration, climate controls, and lighting controls. By integrating all of this technology, you will be able to set the mood or adjust the temperature from your tablet or smart phone.

Home Media: Designing your smart home media room will require accounting for the viewing experience, the listening experience, the available natural light and window treatments, the light design, the shape and size of the room and the acoustics. At Insight AI, the very last thing we do is mount your TV on the wall. Our expertise in media home automation allows us to create a comprehensive, custom, media room design that creates a home media experience comparable to a movie theater.

Lighting Controls: As a multi-purpose room, your media room will require a variety of different lighting options depending on the activity. When planning and designing your smart home media room, it will be essential to not only have functional and mood lighting included in the design, but also to ensure the lighting can be adjusted to suit the homeowners needs as efficiently as possible.

To learn more about the services and technology options available from Insight Automation International for your smart home media room, contact us today..


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