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Make the Most of Outdoor Living Spaces with Home Automation

05 June 2024

Create a Low-Maintenance, Private Outdoor Living Area 

We’re a home automation company, which means we help simplify people’s lifestyles with all-in-one control systems that connect to lighting, entertainment, HVAC, security, and more. And all that convenience extends to the outdoors, too! 

If you’re planning to build an outdoor living space complete with patio furniture, landscape lighting, an outdoor TV, and perhaps a fireplace, you can extend smart home controls to the outdoors, too. 

Here are three ways smart home automation enhances outdoor living spaces in Calgary, AB, and beyond. 

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1. Make It Low-Maintenance 

“Set and forget” is one of the best features of home automation systems like Control4. Through your smartphone or tablet, you can schedule outdoor lights to activate automatically, even creating a custom scene for each day of the week. 

You can also program motorized patio shades to lower during the sunniest times of the day, preventing furniture from fading in UV rays or getting too hot. Want to play music over outdoor speakers? A “Night” setting can automatically lower the volume to ensure you won’t disturb the neighbours. 

2. Increase Privacy 

If houses are close together in your neighbourhood, outdoor motorized shades can provide the privacy you crave. With a tap of a button, you’ll lower wind-resistant, sun-filtering shades that provide just the right amount of privacy while maintaining your view. So take a nap or lounge in your bathing suit—no one can see! 

3. Access from Anywhere 

Sophisticated control systems like Control4 allow you to activate outdoor technology in real time, even if you’re far away from home. Through the Control4 app, you can check outdoor surveillance cameras, turn on landscape lights, and even get the hot tub ready for your arrival. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Area with Us! 

This is just a glimpse of all that’s possible with home automation extended to your outdoor living areas. If you’re interested in outdoor networking, audio, video, lighting, security, and more in Calgary, Insight Automation International is here to help. 

Contact us here to get started!


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