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Is Amazon Trying to Take Over Your Smart Home?

07 November 2017

It seems like every day we’re seeing a new smart home upgrade coming down the pipeline. Recently, Amazon announced the release of their newest device, the Echo Plus. What makes this piece of hardware so significant? Amazon claims it’s a new smart home hub. If that’s true, it could be poised to replace the Control4 home automation system in your Phoenix, AZ property. But is it time to panic just yet? Maybe not. Find out why here.


The Next Step in Smart Homes?

At this point it’s clear that Amazon is angling to dip its toes into the smart home market. According to Gizmodo:

“The pitch is very straightforward. The Amazon Echo Plus is a classic Amazon Echo, plus the capability to serve as a hub for select smart home devices. The device itself looks just like the original Echo, whereas the “all-new Echo” is smaller and, frankly, more handsome. But! The Echo Plus can control entire categories of devices like Philips Hue lighting, Samsung SmartThings devices, and whatever it is Kwikset makes.”

They go on to clarify that Kwikset is a manufacturer of smart locks, and that the new Echo Plus is a departure from the original model. The first Echo just wasn’t capable of acting as a “hub,” or centralized control for multiple devices. In other words, it’s supposed to do pretty much what a Control4 system already does.

So does this mean we’re nearing the end of Control4? Probably not anytime soon.

Why You Should Still Count on Control4

Here are just a few reasons you probably don’t want to ditch your Control4 system just yet.

Don’t Downgrade With DIY: We love do-it-yourself projects. It’s always fun to try and build something in the garage, or to work on your car mechanic skills. But DIY tech comes with a big caveat: it’s simply not as good as a professionally installed system. Not only will you likely have fewer capabilities, but you won’t have a partner who can install your system cleanly and efficiently for ongoing, reliable service.

Limited Options: One of the biggest advantages of a Control4 system is that it integrates seamlessly with hundreds of manufacturers. Whether you’re interested in a hardwired system or a wireless one, Control4 works with just about anything you could want in a smart home, from AV and lights to smart security features.

Control4 Integrates With Alexa: If you’re really excited about Alexa voice control (and who isn’t?) you can still enjoy full command of your Control4 system. In fact, Control4 was one of the first smart home manufacturers to integrate with the original Echo. You can enjoy all of the benefits of Control4 – integrated controls, intuitive interface and more – with all the benefits of Alexa.

So should you say goodbye to your Control4 system just yet? Amazon still has a long way to go if they want to catch up with one of the premier smart home companies in the world.

But you probably still have questions! No worries, we have the answers you seek. Just click the “Questions?” button in the bottom right of your screen to chat with a real person right now!

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