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How to Design a Smart Home Architectural Project with Functional Wiring in Your Design

22 May 2020

The design of a smart home strives to simplify the lives of homeowners through functionality and remote technology solutions. The opportunities are limitless, but so too are the potential for a wiring fiasco. At Insight AI we believe that if you plan for and design a smart home with wiring in mind from the outset of the project, you can avoid costly mistakes and aesthetically frustrating modifications down the road. We are pleased to offer our clients a variety of services to help avoid these types of challenges including consultations, design and engineering, system documentation, project management, construction administration, wire installation, programming and commissioning.

What should I consider when wiring for smart home technology?

There are 4 basic wiring elements you should consider when designing for your smart home build.

1. Neutral Wires: The majority of new homes are built with neutral wiring, which are required for operating many smart home technologies. If you are updating an older home, these neutral wires may not be in place and might need to be added. When planning and designing your new smart home be sure that neutral wiring is included.

2. Junction Boxes: Specifically deep junction boxes will be required for the additional cables that come with wiring a smart home. By installing larger or deep junction boxes, you will have the space to add the necessary wiring for your additional technology elements.

3. Cables: When planning and designing your smart home build you must consider installing cat 6 cables and ethernet cabling. By installing high quality cables that can carry several gigs of information, you will ensure that your system can function effectively no matter how many devices are added to your smart home.

4. Closets: When designing your smart home, it is a great idea to include wiring closets. These wiring closets should be centrally located and will be the central home for all of your wiring, servers, routers and other technology needs. It will be important that this space receives adequate ventilation so that technology devices will not overheat.

These four items are just a few of the important elements of designing for a smart home that should be considered at the outset of a project. To learn more about how Insight Automation International can support your design, architectural, and construction teams, contact us today.


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