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How Motorized Shades Help You Stay Warm in the Cooler Months

06 October 2017

Autumn may have just arrived, but winter is right around the corner. That means you’ll need to start thinking about how you’ll stay warm for the rest of the year. One option is to crank the heater all day and night – but that could drive your energy bill up considerably. Instead, why not invest in motorized window shades. Smart window treatments can help regulate the temperature in your home while also minimizing additional energy expenses. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!


Insulating with motorized window shading

Did you know that most of the heat you use to warm your home escapes through the windows? That thin pane of glass that separates the inside and the outside of your home is one of the least energy-efficient components of your house; at least when it comes to keeping your heating costs down. So the smart thing to do is to cover them with the appropriate treatments to help insulate your spaces.

Motorized shading can help! By installing automated coverings on your windows this serves as an automated lighting control system and you can enjoy hands-free insulation from the cold. When the temperature drops below a certain level, simply tap the appropriate button on your tablet or smartphone. The shades will lower and begin keeping you warm.

And if you integrate with other smart home features, you stand to gain even more. Sensors can determine when the room reaches an appropriate, comfortable temperature. Once activated, they can automatically lower the shades and adjust the thermostat. Plus, your lights can raise to give you enough illumination.

How insulation works

You may wonder how insulation works exactly. Obviously, covering your windows with any old material won’t do the job. If you have thin curtains or blinds on your windows, they probably won’t do much to regulate your temperature. Instead, you can incorporate thicker drapes that act like heavy blankets across your windows.

But heavy drapes do more than just block the cold. Often, they’re positioned away from the window itself. This helps create a cushion of warm air between the window and the drape, thereby making it harder for warmth to escape.

If you don’t have space for big drapes, you can also integrate honeycomb shades. They’re a perfect space-saving solution that still keeps your rooms warm. They’re built with small chambers to help trap air within, so the heat can’t escape easily.

Are you interested in keeping your home warm without seeing your heating costs skyrocket? Contact Insight Automation International today!

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