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How Home Lighting Control Improves Your Family Events

23 September 2017

Now that the summer is over you may think you can finally have a chance to breathe. But before you know it, you’re going to be bombarded with all kinds of family events coming down the line. With the winter season come entirely new challenges in your home from travelling to warmer destinations or hosting friends and family for the rest of the year. It’s best to be prepared, and home lighting control can help. If you’re interested in finding out how, keep reading!


Preparing for Darker Days

As the colder weather comes upon us, the days start shrinking as well. Without adjusting your lights in advance, it’s easy for the house to be left in the dark. So what’s the best way to make sure your Parksville home is well-illuminated at all times? One thing we like to use is scheduled scenes. At a given time each day, you can schedule all outdoor lighting to turn on to spotlight your home’s top features and enhance your family’s safety.

We know sometimes schedules aren’t the best idea if the weather is going to fluctuate wildly. In that case, some home lighting control systems incorporate photo sensors. Lights remain on at all times but are dimmed up or down according to the available sunlight. Keep them at really low settings (practically off) when not in use and dim them up automatically when the sun sets or a snowstorm approaches.

Becoming the Ultimate Host

You may be hosting a bunch of your extended family members as you gather around the table to enjoy a big family meal this winter. The shortened days can also pose a problem here. When people are arriving or ready to head home, you want to ensure your outdoor spaces are properly illuminated. First, create a striking lighting design that will make it easy for guests to find your house if it’s their first time driving there. Once they arrive, motion sensors can automatically light up the walkways to your front door to eliminate tripping hazards and to make guests feel safe.

Once your guests have made it inside, you want to make sure you’re setting the right mood. A darkened room is hardly going to promote merry conversation. Instead you can use beautiful LED lighting fixtures and dimmers to set the ideal atmosphere in your home. You can even create pre-set “Welcome Scenes” that light up the foyer and your favorite decorations as soon as you open the front door to greet your guests.

Leaving the House to Escape the Winter

Of course, sometimes the best approach is to escape the bad weather all together. If you’re planning longer vacations three provinces away, you want to make sure your home is well lit. After all, an illuminated home is far less likely to be targeted than a dark, clearly unoccupied abode.

Turn the lights on remotely with a touch on your smart phone or tablet, and keep track of which rooms are lit up. You can even use an “away” setting that turns the lights on and off throughout the house in a way that mimics actual usage. It looks like you never left!

Are you ready for a simpler holiday season thanks to home lighting control? Contact us today for more information!

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