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How Does Smart Lighting Control Help You Save Energy?

23 March 2018

Homeowners love adding smart home programming and automation to their property because of the convenience and the beauty that it adds to their daily life.

But some may be hesitant to add yet another electronic system to their spaces – especially if they’re concerned with adding to their energy bills each month.

However, smart lighting does more than just look good – it helps you save energy.

How does it work? In this blog, we’ll show you.

Just keep reading to learn how integrated lighting can reduce your energy costs.


All Off With One Touch

Have you ever walked through your home before bed turning off each and every fixture?

It’s a process that can take up valuable time – especially when you’re already tired from a long day.

But it’s also necessary. You don’t want to waste energy leaving lights on all over the place.

With smart lighting, that’s no longer an issue. With a single touch on your touch-panel tablet or wall-mounted controller, you can shut all the lights off in one room, multiple rooms or even throughout the whole house.

Plus, you can see the zones where lights are still on via your tablet, and turn them off remotely if necessary.

Go Hands Free With Sensors and Timers

Having the ability to turn lights off remotely is one thing, but if you’re forgetful you may not enjoy the energy-saving benefits of smart lighting.

However, it’s easy to enjoy hands-free automation when you integrate sensors and timers.

Occupancy sensors mean your lights only turn on when someone enters the room. Once they leave, the lights go off.

Timers help make it easy to transition from day into night – and vice versa.

Set your system to begin brightening the lights before the sun sets, so once it’s down you’ll have easy visibility within your property.

Dimmers and New Fixtures

If you’ve been following our blog, you know about the energy saving benefits of LED.

They are far more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and when you add dimmers they can save even more money.

The less bright your lights, the less energy they use. So when you only need a little extra light, lowering the brightness can make a huge difference on your energy bill.

Ready to get the most out of your smart lighting system and start saving energy today?

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