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Getting Ready for the Holidays with Home Automation

16 October 2019

As the holiday season begins, you might feel a bit scattered, wondering how you’re going to prepare your home for family and guests this season. In this blog, we’re here to show you that this holiday season can be made simple with home automation in Scottsdale Az, or wherever you are. Insight Automation International has four office locations in North America from which we service and provide home automation and commercial automation systems all over Canada and the US.

Innovative features and incredible technologies can truly elevate every party and event you host in your home. By teaming up with a professional smart home system installer like Insight Automation, you can bring these smart solutions to your place just in time for all the festivities.

Find out how you can take the holidays to the next level with smart home technology and automation by reading more below.

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An automated lighting system for your home can improve any home environment. It just takes a tap of a button to brighten spaces and create the perfect ambiance while also saving you on energy costs. These reasons are often why homeowners start out with smart home lighting systems as one of their first home automation solutions. But did you know smart LED lighting can also create incredible effects for your Halloween decorations and scenery?

Using your smart device of choice, you can easily change lighting fixtures’ color temperature to match your Halloween theme, adjust their brightness with a tap of a finger, and have them flash in synchronization to draw the eye. The best part is you can create a “Halloween Party” scene that lets you switch from your everyday lighting setup to your festive party atmosphere in mere seconds. Your family and friends won’t have any idea that you pushed a button to create your amazing spooky settings.


Motorized window shades have many benefits; they can save you energy, insulate your home, and keep out ambient lighting to better watch films and shows. But they also boost your privacy in spaces you might not always want the outside to see.

A great time to bring in motorized shades to your home is for your Thanksgiving feast. Remote control window shades in the dining room can lower all the way down or halfway at a press of a button. Sheer shades have higher transparency and let you view the outdoors without feeling like the rest of the world can peer inside. Now you and your guests can dine in peace and focus solely on enjoying each other’s company.

But what if you’re heading over to a friend’s or cousin’s house for the meal? Your remote control shades help with keeping your home secure as well. Set an “Away” scene that has your shades and even your lighting function as though you are still at home. This creates a false occupancy, fooling intruders into thinking you’re there even while away. You’ll return to a safe and secure property, only thinking of what a delicious meal you ate – not how your home might have been broken into.


Opening gifts, sharing meals, and spending time with family make up the winter holidays and spread joy throughout the house. You can easily get everyone gathered in one room by upgrading your home entertainment and audio-video system.

Whether in your home theater or media room, you can push a button on your preferred smart device to lower your TV display or projector and screen to enjoy your favorite holiday movie. Adjust the volume from the same controller and immerse everyone in high-end audio coming from your surround sound setup. Without getting up from your seat, use your smart device to lower your shades and dim the lighting to create the perfect cinematic setting.

Do the kids still want to sneak off to the basement to watch their own movie? You can control their media downstairs, too. This is one of the advantages of a centralized control system that can stream different types of media to any screen and speaker in your house – it’s that simple.

Want to learn more about getting ready for the holidays with smart home automation? Teaming up with Insight Automation is your first step. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form We’d love to hear from you!


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