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Are You Connected to Your Home While You're Away?

17 May 2018

Summer is the perfect time to get away from your Parksville property and go see the world. But you don't want your vacation ruined stressing about what's going on back home.

The good news is that a smart home automation system lets you stay connected to your property at all times. You can access all your technology from a mobile app, no matter where you are.

You'll be able to view live surveillance footage and receive security alerts if anything goes wrong.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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You don't have to worry about boxed cameras ruining your decor just to have a strong security presence on your home. Discreet cameras are now available that not only blend into your property, but also include a variety of enhanced features.

Add infrared technology for night time viewing, upgrade to high-resolution video, and invest in cameras that let you pan, tilt, and zoom.

Most important of all, look for connected cameras that you can integrate into your home automation system. This way, you get access to them from your smartphone no matter where you are.


With a smart home automation system from Control4 you can integrate your surveillance system into an intuitive app.

From your smartphone you can pull up live surveillance footage of every corner of your home. If you find something suspicious, you can even zoom in to get a better look at it.

You can even incorporate your lighting control. Turn the lights on in the room using your app so you can get higher quality images from your cameras whenever needed.


Of course, we don't want you to spend your entire vacation with your face glued to your phone. Thankfully, your home automation system also offers more hands-off approaches to your home security.

You can set up personalized notifications to match up with certain triggers --when someone opens the front door, the garage door opens, or even someone walking into the backyard. You'll receive a push notification in your phone immediately.

You can then pull up the surveillance footage on your app to see if any additional actions are needed.

Want to learn more about how to keep track of your home without ruining your summer fun? Just click the button at the bottom of your screen to chat with a real person right now.


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