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3 Savant Systems That Make Time at Home More Relaxing

12 November 2018

The primary goal of home automation is to make your life easier, simpler and more comfortable. No matter what the system or device is, that goal must drive every decision you make concerning what to buy and install. But with the rising number of players in the smart home industry, how do you find the right products for your home?

At Insight Automation International, we recommend Savant for your smart home. Their extensive experience and dedication to keeping their systems simple to use are what make them a natural choice for your next automation upgrade. So we’ve put together this list of 3 Savant smart home systems that would be a great fit for your Mesa, AZ home.





We’ve previously written at length about all the benefits of lighting control. In addition to helping you save money, there are many ways lighting control from Savant can reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with at home.

How? Let’s start with convenience. Being able to control every fixture in your home from your phone or another device means you never have to leave get up to adjust the lights. Additionally, you can create preset scenes and schedules to automatically have your lights turn off when you leave for work, your lights turn back on when you get home, and so on.

Lighting control can also improve your daily routine. By setting your lights to sync up with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, you’ll feel better throughout the day and be more productive. Ease into the morning with soft, warm lighting that increases as you near your wake-up time, then get a productivity boost from cooler, more intense tones before slipping into a restful sleep as the warm, soft lighting takes over again.


Managing your home theater or home audio system can be a challenge if you’re juggling multiple remotes or don’t happen to be in the room where the components are located. Savant smart home systems instantly make these challenges a thing of the past.

Whether you’re using the Savant app or a dedicated control device, Savant offers you total control of your media from anywhere in your home. With a single button press, you can dim the lights in your home theater, draw the shades, and turn on your TV and speakers. Once the movie has started, you can adjust your home theater’s lights, temperature and more without having to leave your seat.


Your family’s safety and security should never be taken lightly, and Savant’s home security systems can help give you some much-needed peace of mind no matter whether you’re at home or not.

If you’re on vacation, Savant allows you to access real-time feeds from your cameras to make sure everything’s all right. If something should happen while you’re away, your Savant app will send you an alert, giving you a chance to take action and ensuring you have no nasty surprises waiting for you once your trip is finished.

These systems have practical applications even when you’re not on vacation. Your Savant app can automatically turn on your security system and lock your doors from your phone, lessening the chance you’ll accidentally leave something unlocked. If you’re at home and away from the front door when the doorbell rings, you can use a camera to see who’s there and let them in remotely.


These are just a few of the Savant systems and devices that can make your home a much more relaxing place to live. To find out more about Savant and Insight Automation International’s other smart home systems for Mesa, AZ homeowners, give our Arizona office a call at 480-816-1900 or visit us online.


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