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3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Media Room Design

19 February 2019

Where do you spend the most time in your home? Your bedroom? The kitchen? The bathroom? Chances are you, like many families, spend a good chunk of your time in your living room or media room as you enjoy your favorite movie, TV show or sports event with your friends and loved ones.

If you’re going to be spending a few hours every day in your media room, you want the best performance possible from your equipment, and you want the room itself to be a pleasant place to hang out. So, we’ve put together this list of tips to help you enjoy a better media room design in your Calgary, AB home. The right combination of devices, technical know- how, and experienced technicians will transform your media room into a space you’ll never want to leave.



Using physical media at home is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as more and more people use streaming to enjoy their favorite content. This switch to streaming can create its own problems, though, like the increased load on your home network.

If you want to enjoy 4K video content, for instance, you need certain network speeds to stream that content without constant hiccups as everything loads. This is true regardless of what you’re using as a display in your media room.

The solution: A professional installation from our expert staff. Our technicians will examine your cabling, router and other devices on your home network to make sure you’re getting the speeds you need for a seamless viewing experience.


It may not be practical to have linked TVs in every room of your house, but it’s certainly feasible to link speakers throughout your home into a unified whole-home audio system..

Connecting your speakers has a number of practical benefits for enjoying media throughout your home. Your music can follow you from room to room, or you can play different songs in different areas of your home, and either way you have a convenient control interface to manage everything.

Another benefit is the ability to hear whatever’s playing in your media room no matter where you are in the house. That way you don’t need to pause or miss any of what’s happening on screen because you get up to grab a snack.


Top-of-the-line speakers and displays are impressive technical achievements, but their size, shape and other aesthetic elements are chosen with performance in mind, not how well the devices match your décor. While a gigantic TV certainly commands attention in a room, it’s not exactly the prettiest thing to look at.

Fortunately, there are several ways to disguise the A/V components in your media room. Your speakers can be placed in your ceiling, your walls or both, which means they won’t be standing in the middle of the floor taking up space. As for your TV, you can hide it behind a wall panel or inside a piece of furniture, or you can buy one of the recent models that displays a painting or other artwork when the TV isn’t in use. This way your devices become part of your media room design instead of a hindrance to it.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to jump into your room installation or simply have more questions that you want answered, we want to hear from you. Call Insight Automation’s Calgary location at 403-243-8823, fill out our online contact form, or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your screen.

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