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Media Rooms Built Like a Real Theater

20 December 2021
Your media room is one of the most frequented and diversely used spaces in your home. Commonly referred to as a ‘catch all’ space, the media room is a place to relax, watch tv, play video games, en...

Enhance Your Media Room Design with Samsung’s The Frame

03 September 2020
Your television might be gorgeous to look at when it's turned on, but what about when it’s off? No one likes looking at a big, blank screen. What if your TV could be both functional and an accent p...

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Media Room Design

19 February 2019
Where do you spend the most time in your home? Your bedroom? The kitchen? The bathroom? Chances are you, like many families, spend a good chunk of your time in your living room or media room as yo...

Improve Your Media Room Design with Automation Technology

19 January 2019
If your family is like many families, your media room is one of the most important and frequently visited spaces in your home. That’s why smart media room design is so crucial, as it’s one of the p...

Tips for a Smarter Media Room Design

24 August 2018
There’s no easier way to bring the family together than by re-watching a favorite movie, binging the latest Netflix show, or cheering on your favorite team to another victory. But it’s not just ab...

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