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Why You Want an A/V Consultant on Your Automation Project

Audio-Video Consultants Have the Expert Knowledge and Specialized Training Calgary, Ab, Homeowners Need to Make Their Systems as Powerful and Easy to Use as Possible

Why You Want an A/V Consultant on Your Automation Project

Ask yourself this question: Would you hire a doctor to represent you in court or a lawyer to perform a surgical procedure? Of course not, right? No matter what job you’re looking to hire someone for, you want to know they have the necessary training and experience to provide a satisfactory result.

This same principle is also true of home automation. While automation will give you greater control over the devices in your homes and expand their capabilities, setting up these systems requires some technical know-how that most people don’t have.

This is doubly true for audio-video installations; not only do your TV, speakers and other components need to work and talk to each other, you also need to place and set up the components to deliver the best possible audio and visual experience. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you all the benefits audio-video consultants have to offer homeowners in Calgary, AB.

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Whether you opt for a dedicated home theater or a more general-purpose media room, the components you need will change depending on the room and what you’re looking to achieve with the installation. Hiring an A/V consultant as early as possible on a project will help you save time and money, and you’ll also see fewer hassles and a better outcome.

A custom theater has room for a giant TV and floor-standing speakers to recreate the cinematic “wow” factor. Due to space concerns, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers may be more appropriate for a media room, and you’ll likely need a TV that can handle some glare because the room isn’t isolated like a home theater would be.

An A/V consultant will help you figure out what equipment is necessary to reach your desired outcome. Equally as important, they’ll help make sure you’re not wasting money on components you don’t need.


At this point you’ve selected the components you want for your system, and now it’s time for installation. Is it time to send your consultant home?

Doing so would be a mistake. While TVs, speakers, receivers, amplifiers and similar gadgets can do much more than in years past and deliver better performance, they’ve also become much more complicated to set up.

Running wiring for a surround sound system, mounting a TV or projector and calibrating your speakers and TV requires a range of skills beyond that of most technicians. Even something as simple as placing your speakers and seating requires special microphones and other equipment to find the ideal spot. An audio-video consultant has the skills and knowledge you need to get the result you want.


A home A/V installation can deliver high-performance audio and video, but integrating that installation with other automation systems in your home yields additional dividends. That’s why you want an audio-video consultant on hand for the final phase of your project.

Your lights and shades, for instance, are a natural fit with your A/V system. Integrating these systems means you can dim the lights, lower your shades and turn on your TV and speakers with one command.

That’s just one way that automation systems can complement each other. To ensure all the networked devices in your home mesh with each other, you’ll want someone who’s experienced with automation to handle the integration piece. An audio-video consultant will be familiar with how these components communicate with each other, which means you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits your system has to offer.

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