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Improve Your Media Room Design with Automation Technology

Smart Home Systems Give You Greater Control and Power in Your Media Room

Improve Your Media Room Design with Automation Technology

If your family is like many families, your media room is one of the most important and frequently visited spaces in your home. That’s why smart media room design is so crucial, as it’s one of the places where you most want reliable home automation systems. And if your smart home technology isn’t making life at home easier and simpler, something went wrong in the design and installation process.

However, if everything works as it should, your media room can become a focal point for your home automation system. Here are some media room design tips for your Chandler, AZ residence to give you greater control over your smart home.



Lighting is one of the most important factors in the design of any space, from your whole house down to individual rooms. And when you’re trying to watch a movie, TV or sports event in your media room, the importance of lighting only grows, as you don’t want glare on the screen.

The best way to ensure optimal lighting throughout your home and in your media room is to install lighting control. That way you can manage all the lights in your home, including those in your media room, right from your couch without having to get up. You can also create presets to set the mood in your media room with a single button press; with one tap, you can activate your TV and speakers, dim the lights, and lower your motorized shades.


One of the most frustrating experiences when you’re in the middle of watching something on TV is the need to get up and leave the room to address something such as taking out the trash or getting the pizza out of the oven. Depending on what you’re watching, you may be able to pause the action, but it’s still frustrating and interrupts your viewing experience.

Adding a whole-home audio and video system can make that experience much less troublesome. If your speakers and TVs are linked throughout your home, you’ll be able to listen or watch whatever’s on screen wherever you want. Now you won’t miss a thing the next time you want to grab a bite to eat or nature calls in the middle of your favorite flick.


Don’t you hate it when the doorbell goes off in the middle of a movie? In addition to having your viewing experience disrupted, now you have to go to the door to see who’s there.

But if you’ve installed a home intercom and smart security system, inconveniences like that are a thing of the past. By including an intercom and security system in your home, you can use your phone or other control device to see who’s at the door, speak with them and unlock the door for them from your couch. That way you can spend more time watching what you want to watch.

These are just some of the ways a smarter media room design can improve your Chandler, AZ home. To learn more, call us at 480-816-1900 or visit our website.