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Enhancing the Safety of Your Workplace With Commercial Security

Ensure Your Calgary, AB Business Remains Safe

Enhancing the Safety of Your Workplace With Commercial Security

If you’re running a business in Calgary, AB, you’ve probably thought about enhancing your commercial security technology. In fact, ensuring your security is up to par is one of the most important things you can do in running a business. Whether you’re dealing with sensitive information or you want to keep your important records out of the wrong hands, smart security features can help. In this blog, we’ll explore a few of the more intelligent ways to secure your business. Read on for more.

Integrate Automated Entryways

Chances are, you’ve probably encountered electronic locks in your day. Keycard entryways have been around since the 1980’s and have only become more common over time. The reason is simple: they just offer more protection than your average lock and key. Not only is every keycard personalized, allowing you to keep track of who goes in and out of your business, but you also retain full control of each. If you want to revoke authorization, you can do so on your computer without having to change the entire lock.

Moreover, modern electronic entryways are even more personalized. Instead of using keycards or fobs, many businesses are switching to biometric security. That means your employees can use their fingerprint or retina to access doors. The benefits are twofold: the first is that they are in far less danger of losing their key and it falling into the wrong hands; the second that you can keep track of which authorized users enter and leave a given area at all times.

Commercial Geo-Fencing

In addition to electronic locks, you can do more to take the security of your business out of the hands of your employees with geo-fencing technology. Geo-fencing allows you to create pre-determined zones in which your automated system will react, without you having to touch a button. This could mean something as simple as all of the automated locks securing themselves when you’ve reached the end of the parking lot. It can also mean something more refined.

Imaging using geo-fencing to secure your sensitive files. When you employees step into the office, they can log onto your VPN and access all of the necessary information. However, when they leave, your geo-fence can block access to the VPN, so they can’t take the info out the door with them. With the increase in mobile devices as part of the workplace, this is a perfect solution for ensuring the security of your business.

Video Analytics

Advanced security features don’t end at the doorway – you can keep an eye on who comes and goes from your business with smart surveillance devices and video analytics software from Avigilon. They go beyond simple recording and storing data by helping you track movements of specific objects and individuals over time, making it easier to spot potential threats.

Avigilon’s software can help prevent issues before they start, by alerting you in real time to potential issues in high risk areas. If someone is entering a space unauthorized, and could experience potential harm or cause damage, your security team can immediately receive push notifications that tell them what’s going on. The software can also learn over time, allowing it to recognize specific faces and events and notify you when they appear.

Are you ready to begin integrating these commercial security features in your Calgary, AB business? Contact Insight Automation today by filling out this form or by calling us at 403-243-8823.