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Benefits of Our Maintenance Agreement Plans

Work with a Home Automation Company that Serves You for the Long-Term

Benefits of Our Maintenance Agreement Plans

Bringing smart home technology to your Calgary, AB living space can feel daunting at first, which is why teaming up with a trusted home automation company like Insight Automation is key to a stress-free process.

But what about long after our integrators have finished installing the last components and wiring of your smart systems, and it’s just you and your technology? If something goes wrong or if a device decides not to work, there’s no need to panic. This is what our Maintenance Agreement Plans are in place for – so that you and your smart home feel taken care of, always.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various benefits of our plans and how they will best serve you and your past and future installations. Keep reading below to find out more.

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Benefits for Security and Lighting

Under our maintenance plans, we continually check that your systems are running properly and efficiently. We’ll ensure that your home network, firmware, software, and access points are all aligned and working perfectly. Not only will we check that everything has remained clean and spotless, but we’ll also make sure the systems all have proper cooling, ventilation, and the correct ISF displays. From how much power your systems are using to their reboot scheduling, we go through it all.

When it comes to your home’s smart security for both your property and personal data, we take your protection very seriously. We’ll implement the latest prevention systems and antivirus or malicious device blocking solutions into your home security and network to keep any intruders from stealing your valuable information. Any time a new smart device is added to your network, a new threat is potential – so we ensure device backup to the cloud and total network protection.

For your LED lighting control, we’ll check that every LED strip and fixture is still functioning as they should be and that every part of the installation is still working properly – including setting scenes and scheduling. Our plans also offer on-site changing of RGB lighting colors, while some can even be done remotely with no hassle. We’ll also check your motorized shades’ movement, adjusting their upper and lower limits, and seeing if the fabric and tracking are still in tip-top shape.

Customized Plans for You

With our maintenance plans, there is not a specific package you can buy – every plan is custom-tailored to you and your smart home’s needs. Depending on what home automation features you have, we’ll tend to these systems at varying intervals.

For instance, with properties that have “life safety” solutions, such as security and video surveillance, our team will tend to these systems every quarter. We’ll make sure the cameras don’t have any evidence of malware or intrusion, as well as check that their live video feature is working properly.

We also offer enhanced network monitoring, guaranteeing that your home network is in good hands at all times. If we notice anything that needs fixing or if your network goes down, we can assist immediately so that there is never a lull in your internet or security.

Pricing That Covers Everything

As our plans are customized, so is our pricing. You won’t have to worry about being trapped in a package price that doesn’t fit what your smart home requires. With annual pricing, you can have your plan cover everything in one go.

From cleaning surveillance camera lenses, site-checking your perimeter’s security, and testing out your entire security system – to changing out your smart lock batteries, changing user codes, and upgrading your smart devices like tablets and phones – we’ve got you covered.

The duration of a maintenance job and the number of devices you have also factor into your plan’s pricing,  giving you a unique plan that fits only your home.

Want to find out more about our maintenance agreement plans and how they can take care of your smart systems in the long run? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you!