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Articles in tegory: Media Room Design

Media Rooms Built Like a Real Theater

Media Rooms Built Like a Real Theater

Your media room is one of the most frequented and diversely used spaces in your home. Commonly referred to as a ‘tch all’ space, the media room is a place to relax, watch tv, play video games, enjoy a movie night, socialize, celebrate with friends and much more. While the room is multipurpose, that doesn’t mean it needs to be generic. In fact, using smart home technology, your media room n transform from a space for an intimate cocktail party with friends, into a space for the kids to watch their favorite movie, and it n all happen with the click of a button! Keep reading to learn more about how our team at Insight Automation International n help you create the perfect multipurpose space in your new residential home.

Lighting Control is More Than Just Light Bulbs

Typilly loted on the main floor of your home, the media room is likely to have numerous windows. Using automated smart home technology, you n remove the glare from your television screen with the push of a button. By installing motorized shades to control the natural lighting of the room, your automated motorized shades n be programmed to allow the morning light in and to close to avoid the afternoon sun. Not only will you have a better picture on your TV, but you will be saving energy. Integrating your shades with your smart thermostat gives homeowners the opportunity to experience perfect temperature comfort, and to control the level of humidity and sunlight in your home.

Hidden Audio and Video

The media room is a multipurpose space, and you might not always be relaxing and watching tv. Insight AI knows that on ocsion you might want to transform your space and a large TV hanging on the wall might not fit the mood. That’s why here at Insight Automation International, we offer the ability to have your display disappear into furniture and ceilings. Or if you are looking for a creative solution, Insight AI n have your TV or display double as a mirror, framed artwork, or photo viewer.

Smart Home Controls

At Insight AI we believe that you should be able to operate every element of your media room from your recliner. Using smart home automation, we want to help you build a truly connected home that will make your life simpler. Our in-home control system n be operated from an in-wall touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone, so you n be in control of your entire home, no matter where you are.

To learn more about how we at Insight Automation International n support your media room design in your next residential build, contact our team today. We look forward to helping to simplify your life!

Enhance Your Media Room Design with Samsung’s The Frame

Enjoy Stunning Art and Best-in-Class Picture Quality with The Frame TV

Enhance Your Media Room Design with Samsung’s The Frame

Your television might be gorgeous to look at when it's turned on, but what about when it’s off? No one likes looking at a big, blank screen. What if your TV could be both functional and an accent piece to your home's décor? Samsung has created the perfect solution with The Frame, a screen that offers vibrant 4K UHD picture when turned on and boasts beautiful artwork when turned off. Read our blog to learn more about the Samsung Frame TV and how it will enhance your media room design in Chandler, AZ.

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Media Room Design

Follow These Tips to Enjoy Better Audio and Video Quality While Cleaning Up Your Design Aesthetic

3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Media Room Design

Where do you spend the most time in your home? Your bedroom? The kitchen? The bathroom? Chances are you, like many families, spend a good chunk of your time in your living room or media room as you enjoy your favorite movie, TV show or sports event with your friends and loved ones.

If you’re going to be spending a few hours every day in your media room, you want the best performance possible from your equipment, and you want the room itself to be a pleasant place to hang out. So, we’ve put together this list of tips to help you enjoy a better media room design in your lgary, AB home. The right combination of devices, technil know- how, and experienced technicians will transform your media room into a space you’ll never want to leave.

Improve Your Media Room Design with Automation Technology

Smart Home Systems Give You Greater Control and Power in Your Media Room

Improve Your Media Room Design with Automation Technology

If your family is like many families, your media room is one of the most important and frequently visited spaces in your home. That’s why smart media room design is so crucial, as it’s one of the places where you most want reliable smart home programming and automation And if your smart home technology isn’t making life at home easier and simpler, something went wrong in the design and installation process.

However, if everything works as it should, your media room n become a fol point for your home automation system. Here are some media room design tips for your home to give you greater control over your smart home.