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Control4 Adds Exciting Updates to OS 3, Its Latest Home Automation System

Free update for Control4 users simplifies controls, offers more customization options, enables easier access to favorite rooms and activities, and so much more

Control4 Adds Exciting Updates to  OS 3, Its Latest Home Automation System

If you have smart technology installed in your home, you know how vital your control system is. You don’t just want your devices to work; you want them to talk to each other and work together, all with as simple and intuitive an interface as possible. Crafting powerful, easy-to-use control systems is Control4’s stock in trade, and they’ve made their interfaces even better with the release of the free OS 3 update.

OS 3 is a dramatic overhaul of your Control4 interface, adding an array of new features while changing and refining how you control the devices and systems throughout your home. As a leading home automation company in the United States and Canada, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about Control4 OS 3. We have offices from Calgary, AB to Scottsdale, AZ to CA and beyond.

How Can a Custom Home Theater Improve Your Lifestyle?

Experience movies like never before and increase your entertainment options with a personalized movie palace for your Scottsdale, AZ, home

How Can a Custom Home Theater Improve Your Lifestyle?

At first glance, a dedicated home theater may seem like a worthwhile investment for only the most dedicated of movie geeks. While it’s true that home theaters are designed with watching movies as a priority, your home theater can become the entertainment focal point of your home.

You’ve already got a big screen and high-end speakers installed, so why not gather everyone to watch the Cardinals football game, a college football matchup or a Diamondbacks baseball showdown? And as prestige TV shows boost their production values and become more “cinematic,” there’s no reason you can’t binge your favorite TV show in your home theater. Best of all, with luxurious theater-style seating and your favorite movie décor adorning the walls, you’ll be enjoying your video content of choice in maximum style and comfort.

Here’s a rundown of all the ways a custom home theater can improve your Scottsdale, AZ, home and help you have more fun while you’re watching.

Managing Your Business Is Easy and Simple with Crestron

Crestron’s building automation systems are ideal for Calgary businesses looking to boost productivity and save money

Managing Your Business Is Easy and Simple with Crestron

In today’s business climate, you need to maximize every technological advantage you can find to stay competitive. Your technology infrastructure needs include obvious things like your computers, your network, your productivity software, and so on, but they also include elements of your physical workspace, such as your lights and HVAC system.

At Insight Automation, we want to help you make your business as lean and productive as possible, and one of the ways we do that is with Crestron commercial automation systems. From lighting and climate control to smart security systems, Crestron does it all, and we can craft the ideal building automation systems for your Calgary office. Here are a few of the many powerful tools Crestron has to offer commercial customers.

How Control4 Integration Improves Your Home Theater

Phoenix, AZ, residents can give their system a boost with these automation upgrades

How Control4 Integration Improves Your Home Theater

We’re big fans of Control4 here at Insight Automation. Their powerful, easy-to-use control systems bring all your home automation systems under one umbrella to simplify the technology in your smart home.

Control4 systems work equally well with everything from smart security systems to motorized shades, and they’re certainly an excellent fit for your home theater. Your Control4 system can manage the A/V equipment in your home theater, but it can also do so much more. As Phoenix’s leading Control4 dealer, we can show you how to integrate other automation systems with your home theater, and we’ve listed a few of those systems below.