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LED Lighting Design and Installation


If you’re seeking to upgrade your residence with technology that makes your life at home more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable, then LED lighting is a smart choice. The lighting experts here at Insight Automation do more than just swap out your lightbulbs. We develop unique, personalized configurations of lighting that are optimized to save the most energy while fitting each room’s design style. The recent growth in the popularity of LED lighting is no surprise – the energy-efficient lighting option offers many benefits for today’s homeowners.

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Energy Savings

LED light bulbs are proven to use at least 75% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, making a significant impact on your energy bill each month. However, your energy savings don’t have to stop there. By integrating a lighting control system with your LED lights, your home can be even more energy-efficient. Lighting automation uses motion sensors, daylight harvesting, timers, dimmers, and more to optimize energy usage in each room. For example, depending on how much natural light is coming in through the windows, the lighting control system will dim the LED lights to save on energy even further.

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Low Maintenance

For regular residential use, LED light bulbs are by far the most durable lighting option. LED lighting lasts 25 times as long as incandescent lighting, so it will be decades before you have to worry about swapping out a bulb. And beyond the task of physically maintaining your light bulbs, managing light levels each day becomes even easier with a full lighting control system. The system puts control of all the lights in your homes at your fingertips. Using a smartphone, tablet, or integrated wall touch panel, you can set the perfect lighting levels for the room or even adjust all the lights across the entire property with the push of a single button.

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LED lighting comes in a wide range of types, color, temperatures, and styles, ensuring that there’s a perfect LED lighting option for each space in your home. Because LEDs are designed to emit light toward a specific point, they’re an excellent option for use in fixtures where directional light is important. For instance, LEDs are perfect for the recessed lights in your dedicated home theater or spotlights for the artwork in your formal living room. Insight Automation collaborates directly with interior designers and homeowners to create customized lighting solutions that do more than just brighten a room – they enhance the architecture and décor of each space.

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