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Spaces Spotlight: Home Lighting Control for Outdoors

Enjoy the Summer with Smart Lighting Solutions

Spaces Spotlight: Home Lighting Control for Outdoors

When you think of home lighting control, you probably think of the ways it can benefit every inch of your Scottsdale, AZ property. But you don’t have to think that big. In fact, it may offer more insight if you focus on the ways it can improve each of your spaces.

In this blog, we’ll explore the ways smart lighting can make a huge difference in one of your favorite summertime destinations: your backyard.

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On the Deck

Lighting on the deck is just as important as lighting any other part of your Arizona property. After all, it’s likely where you’ll spend most of your outdoor time.

And while string lighting lazily hung across the woodwork may look great in lifestyle photoshoots, the fixtures you enjoy on a day to day basis need to withstand the elements, illuminate the entire space, and beautify your surroundings.

You’ll only get all those benefits with integrated smart lighting.

Outdoor lighting control makes it easy to enjoy simple command of every lighting fixture. You can brighten the ones surrounding your outdoor kitchen and dim the ones near the theater areas. That way, you manage a versatile system with a single device.

Accent Lighting

Accent and walkway lighting are perfect ways to help you navigate your yard in the dark. With enough illumination, you won’t worry about stumbling over a wayward garden hose or bicycle.

But it’s not just a pragmatic addition to your yard. Accent lighting is one of the easiest ways to have fun and add style to your space.

Whether you want to light up existing walking paths or highlight small outdoor staircases, accent lighting is an easy-to-control addition to your outdoor lighting system.

Plus, when you integrate LED lights, you can often enjoy many of the fun color-changing capabilities as well.

Security Lighting

While lighting control is typically a way to add beauty to your spaces, it’s also a simple way to stay a bit safer, too.

Security lighting isn’t always the prettiest – you may picture bright floodlights, but it is a practical way to keep track of unauthorized movement in your backyard.

Whether you want to prevent the neighborhood kids from stealing from your garden or catch those pesky racoons in the act as the rummage through your trash – or anything else – you can trust your integrated security system to help you keep abreast of the situation.


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