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Keep Cool, Save Energy with Motorized Shades

As Summer Nears in Calgary, Use Motorized Shades to Save Money, Protect Your Home From Sun Damage and Increase Privacy

Keep Cool, Save Energy with Motorized Shades

We’re into the season of April showers, which means May flowers and hot, sunny summer days are right around the corner. Summer days mean more outdoor fun, cook-outs and days at the pool, but they also mean soaring electric bills and a higher risk of sun damage to your personal belongings. And as nice as it can be to have the windows open to enjoy that summer breeze, it’s also important to protect your family’s privacy.

All these concerns can be addressed using motorized shades. Motorized shades give you simpler, streamlined control over all the shades in your home, and they offer tremendous efficiency and security benefits. Let’s go through a few reasons you should install motorized shades in your Calgary, AB, home.

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The most obvious benefit of adding motorized shades to your home automation system is the convenience they offer. Instead of having to manually adjust every shade on every window, you can control everything from your phone or other control system. You can raise and lower individual shades, whole rooms or the entire house, all from one convenient device.

Automation simplifies control of motorized shades even further. Set your shades on a schedule and they’ll automatically raise or lower at whatever time you set, leaving you to focus on other things while your shades take care of themselves. You can also set your shades to adjust themselves according to the time of day and available sunlight.


You may not realize it, but your shades play an important part in your home’s energy usage. In fact, almost half of a typical home’s electric costs come from keeping it heated and insulated.

Motorized shades can help improve your energy efficiency in several ways. First, the shades themselves are designed with better insulation technology than typical shades or blinds, which helps maintain a stable temperature in your home. Second, you can use automated schedules and sensors to have your shades adjust themselves during the day, raising or lowering as needed to take maximum advantage of the available sunlight and reduce your need for air conditioning.


While we can all appreciate the warmth and beauty of sunlight streaming through our windows, it’s important to note that the sun can do tremendous damage to your furniture and other possessions. Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause leather furniture to dry out and crack, paintings to fade and wear down other items in your home. Most shades aren’t designed to combat UV rays, but motorized shades will keep your possessions safe from sun damage while still allowing plenty of light into the room.


It’s absolutely reasonable to expect total privacy and security in your home. And yet, changes in technologically and modern lifestyles have made it easier than ever for people to pry into our lives without us knowing. Motorized shades keep your private life private, easier than ever.

One way this works is with automated schedules, as we’ve previously mentioned. It’s easy to program your shades to lower as you head out for work every morning, making sure nobody gets a glimpse inside and sees that no one is home. Or, if you’re away on a long trip, you can have your shades raise and lower during the evening, giving the impression that someone’s still at home (this works particularly well if you’ve also installed automated lighting control).

Additionally, many motorized shades are designed to fit even in unusually shaped window frames, making it easy to ensure every window is covered and ensuring maximum privacy. And if you forget to set the shades one morning, you can make whatever adjustments you need to remotely from your phone.

For all these reasons and more, now is the time to see about installing motorized shades in your home. To find out more about our shading solutions, call us at 403-243-8823. You can also click on the chat box in the corner of your web browser or fill out our online contact form.