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How Does A Maintenance Plan Reduce Smart Home Stress?

Ensure Your Phoenix Smart Home System Operates at Top Performance

How Does A Maintenance Plan Reduce Smart Home Stress?

You’ve decided to add a home automation system in Scottsdale, AZ, and want to work with a professional smart home automation system company that can guarantee all of your automated technology will work together seamlessly. But are you paying attention to the maintenance plans offered by your prospective collaborators? You don’t want to be left fending for yourself if you have a problem with your home connectivity, especially when you have a complicated system that can be further damaged if you don’t know exactly how to solve a problem.

Read on to learn about the benefits of a maintenance plan for your Phoenix smart home, and what you should expect from a maintenance plan that effectively and rapidly takes care of smaller issues before they become big problems.


Why do you need a maintenance plan?

A smart home system has a lot of different components that all need to be installed and programmed to exact specifications so that you have quick and easy control of your intelligent technology. And like any other operating system, your smart home will require maintenance to make sure that it continues to function correctly. You want a plan that will provide any necessary repairs for malfunctioning equipment, ideally with remote maintenance capabilities so fixes can be made off-site.

Maintenance can take various forms. Monitoring your network for performance and security is a big one, and when you have so many devices on the same network (and are regularly adding more), you want someone checking that the information transmits on a protected network.


What are the benefits of insight’s maintenance plan?

Insight installs and monitors smart network and power equipment that lets us immediately know if your technology is experiencing any issues. This smart technology first tries to automatically heal the system on its own, which often provides a fix before anyone ever has to worry about it. If that auto-heal is unsuccessful, we are notified and begin the process of remotely resolving the issue. When on-site service is needed, we'll schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, because we know that one malfunctioning part of your system can throw off your entire routine.

There’s no monthly cost for our Basic Support plan, but you pay more for onsite support, firmware updates, network support, and coordination of Cox, Dish, and DirecTV equipment. The rates for onsite support lower with the Standard and Advanced plans, and those other three maintenance categories are included at no extra cost.

Want to learn more about the best maintenance plan for your home automation system in Phoenix? Reach out to one of our specialists at 480-816-1900 or by filling out our online form.

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